Tuesday, 25 November 2008



1. been putting on weight consistently for a few months. i knew something was VERY wrong when i couldn't fit in anything at gion [a boutique in bp]. i look like shit. even fang teased me when he saw me last saturday. bought beauty theraphy books with eunice at pasar malam last friday. hope it will motivate me to start eating cleaner. i'm constipated all the time and it sucks!

2. bought a new pair of peep-toe slingback flats yesterday. very pretty but hurts my feet like hell. now i have to keep a roll of 3m micropore tape in my bag. i wrap the last 3 toes before i wear the flats. tuhan, please don't let my toes blister!


1. not on fantastic terms with parents.

2. eunice keeps saying i'm showing symptoms of depression. it's hilarious. all because i'm semi-obsessed with washing my hands and mouth and face and body. i just like feeling clean.

3. nail polish causes cancer?! T.T

4. finals results out in a couple of days. tuhan, please let me pass all subjects with a credit average.


1. booked flight tickets to hk [despite dad's displeasure]. will be going with tao and xian. tuhan ah, please let us all get along. everytime before a trip i fret that everybody won't get along.

2. parents are on a cruise, somewhere far away from home. freedom! went shopping with eunice last sunday. spent all my pocket money this month. bought a dress [i adore dresses!], a tube, a long necklace, acid yellow nail polish, a magazine and [YAAY!~] gladiator sandals. i'd been pining for a pair ever since i saw suat yee in them and ever since she told me EVERYBODY in singapore is wearing them. at odd times like these, my kiasu-ness surfaces.

however, the gladiators SUCK! rosak after 1day! some more it costs $50 [very costly for me!] i had to take them back to the shop to be repaired. DO NOT BUY SHOES FROM SHOEZ OBSESSION.

3. on saturday i 'nurtured my artsy side' and watched the plays Neverland and Cheras Cheras at Annexe. all because my ex dance mentor xuan san was performing. i didn't get Neverland at all. i hate unhappiness-- newspapers depress me. but i loved Cheras Cheras, though i couldn't grasp the 'deep' part as well. maybe i'm just stupid.

4. will be balik kampung ing again this weekend. HAHAH the less i see my parents, the less i fight with them

5. famous amos rocky road and pecan soft cookieeee.. mm~

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