Thursday, 25 December 2008

flowers & movies

20 dec 08

i love movies and romance and all those hogwash that xian is convinced is corrupting my very soul

so i was very pleased indeed to receive this..

.. after my return from johor last saturday

i'd left my cell phone in my Cute Lil Myvi and locked coco in the house before i popped upstairs to check my email etc.

halfway through coco began barking like mad, the din echoing around the house-- only my brand of laziness prevented me from tearing myself away from the computer and traipsing down the stairs to slap her

however coco doggedly [hehe my very first pun!] kept up her raucous barking on-&-off for the next half hour or so.. so i went down to check what was going on as images of indos/ malays/ indians/ chinese [yes, in that order, as i'm semi racist] armed with parangs were starting to appear in my mind

so i unlocked the door and stepped out in my smelly old shirt and sweat pants, equally dorky specs perched on my nose, unwashed hair unruly.. and saw bj standing at my gate in a suit

this felt too korean-soap-opera so i could only blink stupidly and ask, 'what are you doing here?!' in the almost-same tone as the female leads use in the dramas-- except that they are never 'surprised' when they are dirty/unkempt/unwashed/just exactly like a guy. thank my lucky stars i still had the morning's eyeliner on [i wear eyeliner the milisecond i step out of home]

bj was carrying a cold storage plastic bag and he fished out a packet of gai-zai-beng [chicken biscuits] for me.. then the flowers! wahseh it's been a billion years since i received flowers!


yesterday [29 dec] was a good day ^^

despite having been grounded for a day for my 4-day nonstop christmas celebrations, i was requested to bring my brother jeans-shopping

since twilight is gonna stop being aired soon, i had to watch it!

it wasn't particularly good, but edward was super duper perfect-looking [save for the hair on his arms-- i cannot tolerate hairiness!]

i adore the way his brows furrow when he kisses bella-- i'd never seen anybody do it before so i'm enthralled by it

fann tortured me throughout the flick by his continuous hissing of, 'where's the vampires? who's the bad guy?'

I LOVE EDWARD CULLEN['s gorgeous-ness only]!!!

there was an awesome scene when edward and bella were perched on this uber tall skyscraper tree with this indescribable view.. ah~ very romantic!


jeans-shopping is not easy but fann finally found his perfect pair at levi's

and i bought 2 la senza bras so i'm happy, too!

Thursday, 11 December 2008


during our relatives' last visit, i overheard a conversation by mum, aunt and po po discussing us kids.

my mum is a huge fan of marrying well. one of her sisters went against her and married poor. her youngest child was visiting as well and of course got to enjoy mum's usual treats-- comprising mostly of expensive food.

po po commented that the kids of that aunt, who visits her often, are prone to wastage and spoilt behaviour. the example she gave was of my cousins ordering the maid to make milo when they visit. that is not a problem in itself. however, they often refuse to drink the milo once it is made and the milo ends up being tossed away.

mum said something which i agreed with. kids whose parents are not wealthy should not live a-list lives. admittedly my aunt is not well off, but my grandparents are kind enough to subsidize her family's life by providing meals. they shouldn't fritter away the generosity.

what's more, my cousins get to tag along with other relatives on holiday. mum says that it actually isn't very good for them. what i saw during this kl trip was my cousins scarfing down jco donuts like they were free. i have a weakness for jco but i appreciate them more as i know they are costly.

they read my brother's comics foc and tore one by sheer carelessness-- after reading them they tossed them on the floor and step all over the poor comics. i was absolutely disgusted by their behaviour.

mum thinks that exposing them too much to luxe stuff that their parents cannot afford may make them resentful in the future. i couldn't agree more. this reminds me of little women

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

i feel like sh*t

my eyes are dry. my nose is itchy. i wana die.

i'd been under constant attacks by the motherf*cking flu for the past few months-- thanks zi yu for passing this latest bout to me.

last weekend i hid from parents by escaping to johor with eunice
this time we made it to pudu on time by buying bread for lunch instead of having a sit-down meal
big apple durian donuts are yummy-- the 'spikes' are sharp enough to sting
i had a famous amos choc muffin top as well
was nursing a sore throat [thanks domino's pizzas and choc indulgence and my gluttoniness] when i balik kampung but managed to have it under control by the next day, despite having baked fish for dinner
we had a late dinner at the 'seaside' which was my fave dinner spot when i was a kid
i still love it now but the effects of recession are showing and it lacked the noisy merriment it used to exude, despite it being a friday night
now business is so bad the drink vendors 'force' you to buy drinks if you're seated on their 'turf'
i hardly buy anything i don't want so i wasn't too happy when the woman planted herself next to our table and refused to budge
in the end we changed seats so we were sitting next to a stall which sold bubur cha cha, which was what i was craving for
eunice and i were both dressed a bit over-the-top for a simple dinner
hindsight perspective
after dinner we went for walks around 2 parks
i was in a constant state of fear and tension of getting beaten up by 'drifters'
they are damn geng!
at eunice's we eat lunch and dinner, as opposed to breakfast and lunch at my home
after lunch, eunice and i went shopping. again
i've bought so much clothes and shoes and skincare it's scary
stagflation, man! and i'm doing what eunice says is, 'giving a boost to the bp economy'
something that's been haunting me is the newspaper claiming 'effects of recession will be more obvious next year'
i'm deeply afraid of being poor
in high school my friends thought i was wealthy
in uni i can only describe myself as up to par
i think being poor would drive my mum to insanity
this time i only bought a pair of denim shorts
they remind me of ai and currently i'm in love with japanese pop culture
plus they cost less than rm24!!
and they actually come in my size!
it would be a crime not to buy them
then i dyed my hair
i used to be anti-piercings, anti-nail polish, anti-contact lenses and anti-hair dye
then i got bored
the loreal majibrown natural ad looked fantastic..
the stylists were cute and bubbly..
i knew my parents would hate it..
i felt like a kid..
so i blew rm130 which is probably cheaper than kl
darl eunice waited for me for an hour before heading home to pack clothes for our evening exercise session
it stung a bit when the color was applied near my scalp
and i find it difficult to sit for so loong
and why do all the stylists insist on straightening my hair?
i like my waves, though i wish they'd behave sometimes
i'd always wondered how it felt to be a japanese / korean / taiwanese / chinese
i think i'd give anything for the experience
yesterday po po visited and.. i got rm50 again!