Thursday, 25 December 2008

flowers & movies

20 dec 08

i love movies and romance and all those hogwash that xian is convinced is corrupting my very soul

so i was very pleased indeed to receive this..

.. after my return from johor last saturday

i'd left my cell phone in my Cute Lil Myvi and locked coco in the house before i popped upstairs to check my email etc.

halfway through coco began barking like mad, the din echoing around the house-- only my brand of laziness prevented me from tearing myself away from the computer and traipsing down the stairs to slap her

however coco doggedly [hehe my very first pun!] kept up her raucous barking on-&-off for the next half hour or so.. so i went down to check what was going on as images of indos/ malays/ indians/ chinese [yes, in that order, as i'm semi racist] armed with parangs were starting to appear in my mind

so i unlocked the door and stepped out in my smelly old shirt and sweat pants, equally dorky specs perched on my nose, unwashed hair unruly.. and saw bj standing at my gate in a suit

this felt too korean-soap-opera so i could only blink stupidly and ask, 'what are you doing here?!' in the almost-same tone as the female leads use in the dramas-- except that they are never 'surprised' when they are dirty/unkempt/unwashed/just exactly like a guy. thank my lucky stars i still had the morning's eyeliner on [i wear eyeliner the milisecond i step out of home]

bj was carrying a cold storage plastic bag and he fished out a packet of gai-zai-beng [chicken biscuits] for me.. then the flowers! wahseh it's been a billion years since i received flowers!


yesterday [29 dec] was a good day ^^

despite having been grounded for a day for my 4-day nonstop christmas celebrations, i was requested to bring my brother jeans-shopping

since twilight is gonna stop being aired soon, i had to watch it!

it wasn't particularly good, but edward was super duper perfect-looking [save for the hair on his arms-- i cannot tolerate hairiness!]

i adore the way his brows furrow when he kisses bella-- i'd never seen anybody do it before so i'm enthralled by it

fann tortured me throughout the flick by his continuous hissing of, 'where's the vampires? who's the bad guy?'

I LOVE EDWARD CULLEN['s gorgeous-ness only]!!!

there was an awesome scene when edward and bella were perched on this uber tall skyscraper tree with this indescribable view.. ah~ very romantic!


jeans-shopping is not easy but fann finally found his perfect pair at levi's

and i bought 2 la senza bras so i'm happy, too!

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