Thursday, 11 December 2008


during our relatives' last visit, i overheard a conversation by mum, aunt and po po discussing us kids.

my mum is a huge fan of marrying well. one of her sisters went against her and married poor. her youngest child was visiting as well and of course got to enjoy mum's usual treats-- comprising mostly of expensive food.

po po commented that the kids of that aunt, who visits her often, are prone to wastage and spoilt behaviour. the example she gave was of my cousins ordering the maid to make milo when they visit. that is not a problem in itself. however, they often refuse to drink the milo once it is made and the milo ends up being tossed away.

mum said something which i agreed with. kids whose parents are not wealthy should not live a-list lives. admittedly my aunt is not well off, but my grandparents are kind enough to subsidize her family's life by providing meals. they shouldn't fritter away the generosity.

what's more, my cousins get to tag along with other relatives on holiday. mum says that it actually isn't very good for them. what i saw during this kl trip was my cousins scarfing down jco donuts like they were free. i have a weakness for jco but i appreciate them more as i know they are costly.

they read my brother's comics foc and tore one by sheer carelessness-- after reading them they tossed them on the floor and step all over the poor comics. i was absolutely disgusted by their behaviour.

mum thinks that exposing them too much to luxe stuff that their parents cannot afford may make them resentful in the future. i couldn't agree more. this reminds me of little women

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