Friday, 27 February 2009

queen victoria night market

the aussies kept going, 'wow, this is so crowded!'

evidently they'd never visited hk

sadly, i didn't manage to peek at everything but hopefully i'll still be here next summer

love the little alcohol stalls

this isn't obvious but it's some massage stalls in qv night market

i'm signing up for a short course in shiatsu massage

i like massages, both giving and receiving

a funky band entertaining the crowds outside qv night market

melbourne is the most artsy city i've ever visited

i'm not really into music-- i love pop, r&b, happy teenager stuff

but it was a great experience to munch on honey dumplings with chocolate and watch the band groove

the arthouse pub in city

one thing i noticed here, most asians aren't huge on alcohol / bands / simply chilling

they prefer sunshiny activities like pot lucks / sightseeing

why use 'they' when i'm asian, too?

i love both, i love everything, which isn't good

jack of all trades, yadda yadda

ok, i wasn't into the band there

plus i'm not the greatest at drinking alcohol yet

people here drink all the time

i drink very slowly, as i do with all beverages except plain water

and i only get excited after my first drink, after that fades i pass out if i drink more

however, the chill place was awesome!

i love this laidback place!