Monday, 2 March 2009

luna park

enter the.. mouth

i first saw luna park during my first day in australia

it's near st kilda, which is a lovely beach district with cute shops and tempting bakeries

it was awesome to be able to come for free

i adore freebies

i'm the sort of person who skips all the dull orientation talks and only shows up for the morning teas / lunches

resident advisor yj and i

yj is a banana korean but still equipped with basic asian values

that means she's super into alcohol and clubbing and chatting up cute guys but she never actually lets them stick their tongues down her throat

however, she's a bad influence hehe

she's the type of nut who can continue chatting, '.. so han bought me 2 drinks and the girls were like..' while we were both dangling upside down from a top gun ride

han is this semi-cute malaysian who lives in halls as well

malaysian guys, ban-sei!

melissa, yj and i

me, diane, olivia and olive at luna park

diane is my housemate and resembles my sis

omo i miss her. and coco. and fann. and saruon. and my car. and my room. and all my beauty products i had to leave behind [ok, so they were actually cotton buds]

olivia is just a teeny weeny bit awed by my 'big' group of asian friends who helped me move my stuff to the cab to go to berwick

nanananana though we're not really friends

we just hang out together

malaysians tend to band together here, even if they feel like meeting new people, whatever

that's the only plus point of coming here alone

i'm forced to meet new people

and when one looks japanese/hong kong-nese [as people here say i do], people want to get to know you

add the fact that i'm always in a group that includes a jap and 2 hong kees

people simply assume i'm hong kee or jap

that ups the cool factor

i always cringe inside when i have to admit i'm malaysian

there is no glory in coming from malaysia

all monash campuses are swollen with malaysians!

;;;;; ;;;;; ;;;;;

olive is a very pretty chinese girl from a province near shanghai

shanghai! it's one of the few places on earth that i want to visit [ok, scrap the 'few']

i'm this prejudiced racist being who believes in stereotypes

but she's been nothing but sugar and spice so far

she has a deep fear of heights so she spent most of the night at luna 'guarding' our bags

;;;;; ;;;;; ;;;;;

luna park isn't fantastic but it's alright

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