Thursday, 12 March 2009


secret is my all time fave movie that i first watched a couple of years ago

and rain and angle are easily my fave songs off the soundtrack

but it doesn't explain why i'm suddenly re-addicted to rain

when i go to youtube and see rain's various expressions, i feel like i'm bursting with emotions


esp when her mum thought she was crazy and put her on medication..

it sucks when parents can't accept us for who we are

i adore the movie


watched the world of suzie wong in library today

it's one of my fave books [my fave flick is secret and my fave book is suzie.. i don't seem cultured at all]

my heart nearly stopped when i saw the tape in the library yesterday

i don't really relate to the book, but i found it charming

the movie was total crap though

what? chinese women enjoy being beat up by their boyfriends? wtf?

and it struck me how non-stick-thin the actors were

ah~ the good old days when my weight would be described as 'normal'


the delectable nancy kwan

anyhow am making good progress at exercise

almost back to my routine in malaysia

but everytime i run here, my eyes and nose water like mad

and harry just told me horror stories about the uv rays here

thank goodness for gym on sunny days!

even if it's smaller than my bedroom

even though it closes at 6pm


in an attempt to cultivate some.. culture in myself, i borrowed 5 books from clayton menzies library on wednesday

1. learning japanese: picture dictionary
so i can label every item in my apartment and be able to smugly chant 'mado' when quizzed for the translation for 'window' in japanese class

2. i am david by anna holm
-it sounds familiar, in that i-should've-heard-of-it-but-i-don't kinda way

3. stardust by neil gaiman
-i devoured american gods

4. atonement by ian mcewan
-yeah, it was due to the keira movie

5. bridget jones' diary by helen fielding
-the i-should've-read-it-ages-ago chick lit

i hope i have time to finish them

i used to read all the time!


is it just me? or do people suffer from library snobbery?

when i carry books in the library, i always ensure the impressive-looking tomes are the the top

while bridget is right at the bottom

in my imagination, my reads will reflect some artistic aspect of my character and i'll come across as highly intellectual

in reality, no one gives a hoot


anyhow, am reading bridget now-- it made me lol in the library

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