Saturday, 18 April 2009

crying on the train

thanks to this book i borrowed from the berwick mechanics institute library. the quaint librarian'd warned i might need tissues but i haven't cried once since i got here, so i thought i was immune.

apparently not.

add the fact that i was trying out a new australis liquid eyeliner [which happened not to be waterproof]. are there any lasting / smooth / easy-to-apply liquid eyeliners in aus?! i had dark smudges under my eyes and black specks on my hanky. i love my m.a.c. fluidline, but i need something i can use in public toilets, which is where i usually apply makeup nowadays-- i can never seem to make it to trains on time, with makeup immaculate and hair brushed, so i do it on the go.

anyway the indian lady seated opposite me tried hard not to stare but failed. miserably. i swear, she was staring as hard as the dude who was burning a hole in my shirt-dress in gold coast. the dude can be forgiven as

1. he's a dude

2. i forgot to wear shorts

3. it's normal for dudes to stare at under-dressed chicks.

the full story is i forgot to don shorts over my outfit [a shirt-dress over bikini] and went to the buffet breakfast oblivious to the fact i was half-dressed. til dude bore holes into my top. whatever, this is aus, cleavage heaven, nobody cares.. but i was [surprisingly] the least-clothed in seaworld.

back to marley and me-- i checked out the trailer on youtube just now, but it just isn't as charming as the book. most adaptions aren't. will make exception for atonement. that book is so emotional with so many unknown words i can only read it with a dictionary. i think it will plunge me into depression the way the l. m. montgomery emily books did when i was 12. i'm v. easily influenced by my reads.. but more by movies.

i miss coco. i'm not that close to her but i love cuddling and kissing her [much to mum's disgust] and she brought my family closer together. i miss sandwiching her adorable face with my hands, pinching her cheeks. i miss watching her howl musically when fann or tao plays the piano. i miss how she scampers upstairs during thunderstorms and seeks us out to seek comfort-- i get you, girl, i'm afraid of thunder and lightning too. i miss pulling into the driveway at home and seeing her comically rearing on her hind legs to peek into the car if i don't exit my car asap.

however, i doubt i'll ever get a dog of my own. cleaning up grosses me out and chasing her around the house under the sun, trying to tackle her to take a shower, is not my idea of fun.

everybody has to say goodbye in the end. this is life. and i'll have to say goodbye to melbourne if i don't return to my assignment asap. since i've decided to finish my blasted accounting degree, i have to suck up and tackle the bloody company reporting with the gusto usually reserved for food. wish me luck, i'll need it

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