Wednesday, 8 April 2009

i am david

i believe in the eternal goodness of people

some people aren't just as nice, and i wish i wasn't so kind, but i am
last tue the bus driver drove away, waving dismissively at me as i was running to catch the bus
i was v. pissed and kept b*tching about the 'fat bastard' [i'd fallen in love with this term since watching austin powers: the spy who shagged me] to anybody and everybody who would listen
this didn't gel well with my optimistic view of the world-- that most people are not mean, or racist, or anti-fat, or whatever
however, yesterday choo told me on the bus that the driver waved me away not because i was chinese / fat / ugly / he was a jerk, but for the simple reason that the bus was full!
being v. sensitive, i immediately felt ashamed for b*tching
but now faith in humanity has been restored =)
during lunch yesterday malcolm commented that i was a bit 'out there'
or 'blur' in malaysian-speak
i suffer from extreme shyness when i'm with people i don't know that well yet
but nowadays v. few people actually spend enough time with me to get to my 'comfy' stage
so i'll have to make an effort to speed things up a bit, to start talking more
or else i'll end up close-friend-less-cum-boyfriend-less forever and ever and ever
most people are really friendly anyway
last sunday was daylight savings day, when melbourne time was turned back an hour
at 11am, in the kitchen--
me, making breakfast, 'so, today is daylight savings?'
diane [housemate], 'yeah, we're supposed to turn clocks back an hour.'
me, thinking hard [about food, as usual], 'so.. it'll still be 11am in an hour's time?'
diane, 'yeah.'
me *wide grin, 'oh yeah! that means i can eat lunch all over again!'
diane *chokes into her cereal.
i shouldn't have tempted fate and said i was cool with weather changes
i'm not-- i felt super sick last night
i cooked dinner, but felt like throwing up just looking at it, so i gave up and went to bed instead
felt seriously hungry lying in bed, but no mood to get up to eat, v. miserable night
are private schools entitled to gov. funding?
it doesn't matter to me either way, but i find it interesting to think through
god, please let tj pay for our gold coast accommodation today-- i'm getting worried!

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