Friday, 10 April 2009


v. pissed at self for leaving beloved pencil case in shuttle bus yesterday!

to an outsider it may be losing a bunch of cheap, old, dirty-looking stationery, but to me it's like losing my 'tools of intellect'. or something. most possibly or sth.

the item i miss most is my scissors. many people think it's weird to carry a pair of scissors in my bag, with my lip balm, comb, mirror and eye drops.. but i need my scissors to cut open packets of candies and other snacks

i'm the type of person who sucks at tearing open packets with bare hands


plus, i miss my mechanical pencil and eraser too!

i'm neurotic and v. particular about my notes and scribbles-- must be neat with no mistakes, so obviously am no pen fan

must must must get ass to fountain gate tomorrow to buy these 3 emergency items.. and maybe a pair of knit boots too


parents coming down under this year end?!! may be going gold coast?!!!

after i'd booked gold coast trip?!!!

aiyo.. whatever i'm going to enjoy my trip as much as i can. don't think it'll be a difficult task

i was in a sunny / bubbly mood til dad's email which reminded me that i'll be in msia this time next year if i don't keep my grades up

by that i assume he means a 70% average, which i haven't seen since i was 13 and skinny

i miss coco, but not so much that i want to return!

must focus on maintaining assignment standards after gold coast!


what does it mean when a guy calls you but he's obviously distracted?

lj did that and i was like, 'you can call next time..' [i didn't know what to talk about with him and i wanted to continue facebook-ing or whatever v. constructive activity i was involved in at the moment]

but he just wanted to stay on the line

if i were the heroine of a movie / book it'd be because he was trying to shift my attention from my bank account [because he's shuttling my money into his account ala deception]

but this is real life, and i think it's weird

always calls but when i see him we hardly talk

whatever lah.. will continue what suat yee describes as cds-free sorry existence

cds = clubs. drinks. sex.

uat yee is the epitome of growing up well

i should be growing up like that! minus the piercing

look at her before photo--

i look better then than i did now-- reverse growing up ooh

will go gym now

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