Tuesday, 7 April 2009

ze diet-inducing nightmare

2 nights ago, i had this dream of The Ex.
we were just chatting away [in the dream] when he said, 'it's ok to be fat, but flat-chested at the same time?! i'm leaving you for [insert-current-girlfriend-name]'
ouch, though now it seems kinda funny =)
in reality, his bestie [also my friend] made that comment
and i don't blame him because it's true!!!
nobody is fat and flat at the same time-- i'm a freak of nature! omo!
anyway The Ex is not the fit hunk of yesterday now, he was supposed to be on a weight loss programme when i left malaysia.. wonder how's his progress
i'm sick of feeling fugly and guilty whenever i miss gym
though now i feel good, the way i always do when i manage to control my diet and exercise
at times like these, of course, there are no photo ops--
no holidays, no nothing where i can take photos which actually look nice
go figure
saw suanie is going on reductil
waa~ good luck
i'm currently on the eat-slowly-and-put-cutlery-down-between-every-bite diet
and the veg-for-dinner diet
plus the 45-min-per-day exercise routine
giving cooking a miss
i practically finish my dinner in the process of cooking it
dad emailed me yesterday
i was so so SO pleased and surprised
happiness ^.^
i wrote him a lengthy reply, since he said he enjoys reading our emails [but not replying]
i can be v. affectionate when i know i'm wanted
there will be an easter egg hunt tonight
and tomorrow noon-- a chocolate event
hopefully tj has booked our accommodation for gold coast
temperature is dropping, but i actually like the cold because i get to wear my uggs
have my eyes on grosby knit boots too
i'd wanted a pair since last year!
i'm v. pleased with how well i'm adapting to the cold

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