Monday, 20 April 2009


ohmigod what did i do today that made me so freakin' sleeepy?

have to start editing my co. reporting ass[ignment] and reading my cost info ass questions. went out too much during easter break. thus do not feel refreshed or relaxed, just tired. so now i know, apart from my sugar addiction, i'm addicted to going out. if i turn down an offer to do something, anything, i'll somehow worry that i may be missing out on a fantastic new experience / meeting the love of my life / getting spotted by a talent scout.


one of the most boring, wish-i'd-stayed-in-instead days was shopping with song and his housemate from adelaide. i just stumbled around glaring at all the hot clothes that i either couldn't afford or couldn't fit into, with an annoying headache all the while, probably brought on by being indoors too much.

i hate exercising in gyms, i feel like i'm breathing in recycled air. but there is no way in hell i'm going to run outdoors with the temperature under 20degrees celsius.

the only highlight that day was watching 17 again, which just goes to show how desperate i am. it was ok though--

'thank me for making your day'

ooh i feel like such a tween gushing over zac efron but he is drool-worthy. am currently going through a i-have-thing-for-light-eyed-guys phase. he has thinned down and looks much better than he did in high school musical 3.

however, his tan looks too orange and fake. really a flick meant for kiddies, but i'm only saying that to sound like a weathered / sophisticated / cool film critic. i had a rollicking good time pressing my hands against my chest and semi-panting in cinema.

oh, and the choco top banana and pods snickers helped enhance the experience.

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