Tuesday, 26 May 2009

cyber stalking

on sunday i baked a batch of double choc chip cookies and invited sue han over to try them out. they could be better.

it looks like crap but it wasn't too bad

afterwards we sat in front of my computer and cyber stalked various people. i showed off my hot friends in Malaysia and she's ooh-ed and aah-ed appropriately. grr i miss my hot friends. clubbing is fun when your friends are gorgeous.

then we pored obsessively over the photos of various ravishing girls. cyber stalking is fun! you can draw inspiration from beautiful girls-- the way they dress, how skinny they are..

cyber stalking your crush is even more fun, though i monitor my stalking in that area [read: no cyber stalking crushes] as i think the emotional effect is detrimental to my health.

ok, will go do something productive now.

Monday, 25 May 2009

theories on male behaviour

y's theory:

'if you like a guy, you should try to involve yourself in his social circle. ask to join his soccer club. don't sit at home and mope because he's attending activities with someone else. talk to him on msn.'


'i don't have his msn.'

y [gives me a look which can only be described as a look]

'well, when you see him, flirt! ask him straight if he likes so-and-so. and whatever his answer, follow up with, 'what do you think of me?'. ooh, it's difficult for you because he's so introverted!'


'yeeaaah. there's not a hope in hell i'm asking him that' [of course i didn't speak so coherently, this is edited!]


'you're too shy. it's better in a club after you drink alcohol.'



verdict: ignore the situation. hit the gym for mind-numbing exercise. bake. study.

ignorance is bliss~

Monday, 18 May 2009

we are family! lalala

yesterday had a lovely time in city praying for po-po's health. i got to write my wishes on a plastic green leaf and i wrote something along the lines of

po-po's health.
my results.
not making parents so mad i accidentally kill them.
be pure! [aka no sleeping around]
i was v. sincere and though my prayers weren't answered i was chuffed when dad called me last night. my very first phone call from family since i came here! lalala. the only sad thing was i hadn't expected his call thus did not prepare a list of convo fodder.
he'd written another one of those irritating replies which says 'i love hearing from my daughters but i am too lazy to reply. it is normal not to hear from me for 100 consecutive years'. he really wrote 'it is normal' which cracked me up when i first read it.
watched 2 episodes of university at eugene's after chasing little shadow around the apartment. the current trend in taiwan is 'night-rush', where young people meet up around midnight on motorbikes and travel overnight, making pit stops to eat / pray / check out the scenery. it usually ends up watching sunrise on a beach. sounds fun! why isn't tao doing this?!
the taiwanese emphasize heaps on looks-- a guy says that when guys are 'allocated' to drive an ugly girl, they'll be sulky. ugly girls are labelled as 'stock' in taiwan, ie. extra stock. unimportant. looks are paramount and i've gained another 2kg aarrrgggghhhh

Saturday, 16 May 2009

love actually

stayed up til 3am chatting to housemates, which is v. unlike my in-bed-by-11pm routine. desperate times call for desperate measures. sonak and i were both semi-depressed and had planned an impromptu movie night with tj and eu jin providing feel-good chemicals in the form of arnott's, pods, coke [the type you drink, not the type you snort] and my marshmallow cornflake slices, except that they weren't sliced, but were glued together in an unceremonial chunk by sticky marshmallow the color of gums [ie. the ones attached to our teeth]. eww. however, the sugar content is so freaking high i got a pleasant buzz soon after.

sonak is having trouble with her assignment while i'm trying to strike a new balance between western and eastern values. i'm comfortable with everything i do and usually i have no regrets [apart from my occasional sugar binge] but when you feel everybody's eyes on you like cyborg infrared and you're dinner fodder, it's natural to begin questioning your actions.

after 2 blurry, non-productive days, i've decided that this self-induced shit has got to stop. i shall do whatever i please, they're not paying for my education. my parents didn't spend big money for me to come here and do whatever. i'm here to study, not mope around because people are judging me for lack of better things to do.

watched love actually and the first part of roman holiday. keira knightley and audrey hepburn are just too beautiful! especially audrey hepburn. love actually wasn't feel-good enough for me. plus it felt awkward to watch nude scenes with guys.

Monday, 4 May 2009


down with flu + staying up waay past bedtime = a v. drowsy, sulky me. fished like a bloody fisherman during test and was v. tempted to skip lectures and curl up in bed but guilt prevailed. my parents didn't pay through the nose for me to stay up til 3am drinking ginger beer and being so loud my housemates got annoyed. i'm here to study.

uh oh. somebody just said, 'hey!' in an i-kow-you sorta way. man, i really have to start remembering names. i don't know how long i can get away with just smiling and holding entire conversations without knowing somebody's name.

diane's birthday today. saw the delectable Cute guy at the not-v.-surprising surprise party i threw for her. he'd asked if i'd baked the cake. ooh i wish i'd baked it instead of letting shama bake it.

Sunday, 3 May 2009


i weighed myself yesterday for the first time in a long time and shit. i'd gained 3kg! i'm officially the heaviest i've been all my life. a new record!

after sulking and a bit of panicking, i started asking people if they wanted to sample my choc cupcakes. have to give away some of my fattening food before i eat them.

my cooking is improving, the eggplant parmigiana i baked yesterday was especially good. friends ooh-ed and aah-ed over it and devoured it. happy but i was gonna save some up. the potluck was successful though-- everything tasted yummy.

diane the queen of stir-fry veg was asking me to sample her dish as we were slaving in the kitchen. i gave her the golden tip-- if you want your food to taste delicious, just chuck as much oyster sauce as you dare into the saucepan. keep chucking, even when your rational side is screaming, 'all your hair is gonna bloody fall out!'. she actually followed my advice and the dish was awesome. oops.

my chocolate mousse attempted at cooking class sucked. i didn't beat the bloody egg whites enough so the air bubbles were obvious. will try again when i'm down to a weight where eating mousse is acceptable again.

never say die. hmm. i'm too optimistic right now-- i'm usually quite emo and depressed. sth off with hormones as usual, i suppose. been sprouting zits on my chin.


anyway must make appointment to consult doctor about my haywire menstrual cycles. my future kids! i must protect them!

the current super-positivity spurred me to swim in a bikini on friday. i flirted with the idea of opting out as i didn't want to fully expose my thunder thighs but was feeling like nobody would care.

swimming is fun [albeit a tad sore-inducing] though i'm struggling to swim correctly. ashley is coaching me so at least i know what to do-- doing it is another matter, however.

was shocked when we went to change and ash stripped in front of me. i realized i'd seen crazier stuff than most people but this is sth new.


it's kinda tough to swim in a bikini-- it seems to have a mind of its own and is forever swimming in another direction.

chatted to suat yee today and she filled me in on all the tricks to wear bikini properly. one was supposed to tie the back string super duper tight from the front before twisting it backwards and tying the halter.

was fun talking to her. her story about her tongue-piercing experience was eye-opening. apparently her tongue was numbed prior to being clamped with a 钳子 and the ring manually stabbed through the tongue from the bottom. eww. sadly, her piercing closed up when she removed it for disinfecting. kesian.

*yawn. winter weather is dulling me. just want to sleep all the time. thankful sleeping isn't a hobby.