Saturday, 16 May 2009

love actually

stayed up til 3am chatting to housemates, which is v. unlike my in-bed-by-11pm routine. desperate times call for desperate measures. sonak and i were both semi-depressed and had planned an impromptu movie night with tj and eu jin providing feel-good chemicals in the form of arnott's, pods, coke [the type you drink, not the type you snort] and my marshmallow cornflake slices, except that they weren't sliced, but were glued together in an unceremonial chunk by sticky marshmallow the color of gums [ie. the ones attached to our teeth]. eww. however, the sugar content is so freaking high i got a pleasant buzz soon after.

sonak is having trouble with her assignment while i'm trying to strike a new balance between western and eastern values. i'm comfortable with everything i do and usually i have no regrets [apart from my occasional sugar binge] but when you feel everybody's eyes on you like cyborg infrared and you're dinner fodder, it's natural to begin questioning your actions.

after 2 blurry, non-productive days, i've decided that this self-induced shit has got to stop. i shall do whatever i please, they're not paying for my education. my parents didn't spend big money for me to come here and do whatever. i'm here to study, not mope around because people are judging me for lack of better things to do.

watched love actually and the first part of roman holiday. keira knightley and audrey hepburn are just too beautiful! especially audrey hepburn. love actually wasn't feel-good enough for me. plus it felt awkward to watch nude scenes with guys.

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