Monday, 25 May 2009

theories on male behaviour

y's theory:

'if you like a guy, you should try to involve yourself in his social circle. ask to join his soccer club. don't sit at home and mope because he's attending activities with someone else. talk to him on msn.'


'i don't have his msn.'

y [gives me a look which can only be described as a look]

'well, when you see him, flirt! ask him straight if he likes so-and-so. and whatever his answer, follow up with, 'what do you think of me?'. ooh, it's difficult for you because he's so introverted!'


'yeeaaah. there's not a hope in hell i'm asking him that' [of course i didn't speak so coherently, this is edited!]


'you're too shy. it's better in a club after you drink alcohol.'



verdict: ignore the situation. hit the gym for mind-numbing exercise. bake. study.

ignorance is bliss~

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