Monday, 4 May 2009


down with flu + staying up waay past bedtime = a v. drowsy, sulky me. fished like a bloody fisherman during test and was v. tempted to skip lectures and curl up in bed but guilt prevailed. my parents didn't pay through the nose for me to stay up til 3am drinking ginger beer and being so loud my housemates got annoyed. i'm here to study.

uh oh. somebody just said, 'hey!' in an i-kow-you sorta way. man, i really have to start remembering names. i don't know how long i can get away with just smiling and holding entire conversations without knowing somebody's name.

diane's birthday today. saw the delectable Cute guy at the not-v.-surprising surprise party i threw for her. he'd asked if i'd baked the cake. ooh i wish i'd baked it instead of letting shama bake it.

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