Monday, 18 May 2009

we are family! lalala

yesterday had a lovely time in city praying for po-po's health. i got to write my wishes on a plastic green leaf and i wrote something along the lines of

po-po's health.
my results.
not making parents so mad i accidentally kill them.
be pure! [aka no sleeping around]
i was v. sincere and though my prayers weren't answered i was chuffed when dad called me last night. my very first phone call from family since i came here! lalala. the only sad thing was i hadn't expected his call thus did not prepare a list of convo fodder.
he'd written another one of those irritating replies which says 'i love hearing from my daughters but i am too lazy to reply. it is normal not to hear from me for 100 consecutive years'. he really wrote 'it is normal' which cracked me up when i first read it.
watched 2 episodes of university at eugene's after chasing little shadow around the apartment. the current trend in taiwan is 'night-rush', where young people meet up around midnight on motorbikes and travel overnight, making pit stops to eat / pray / check out the scenery. it usually ends up watching sunrise on a beach. sounds fun! why isn't tao doing this?!
the taiwanese emphasize heaps on looks-- a guy says that when guys are 'allocated' to drive an ugly girl, they'll be sulky. ugly girls are labelled as 'stock' in taiwan, ie. extra stock. unimportant. looks are paramount and i've gained another 2kg aarrrgggghhhh

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