Monday, 15 June 2009


after going through hell last thu and fri, i'm giving myself mini breaks by watching 30minutes of movies after each meal. have finished 2 so far-- 后备甜心 and chocolat. both are v. romantic. a138 has evolved from Star Command Central of Birthdays and Cakes to SCC of Matchmaking. unsure if it's the weather / being away from home for so long / sheer perasan-ness, everybody seems to be 搞暧昧 ing with each other. duh.

the actress in 后备 has a lovely voice, girly and sweet but not sugary. i wish my voice was like that. i sound like a guy and i make bad jokes. i may as well start burping in public.

listening to kim ah jong's star now. when she started singing in 200 pounds beauty, i almost got goosebumps. it's pure feel-good chick flick but i felt v. sorry for her. the world is harsh to fugly people. i think the first time i watched 200 i cried when she asked the guy, i cut off my bone and skin.. laying on the table, you know whom i thought of?

i always feel sorry for other people. grr. the 后备 heroine rocked because she isn't a crybaby. tough little cookie. but the little pup at the end of the movie awakened my desire to own a pup of my own! saw a pup yesterday on res and couldn't resist going out to play with it. dogs are so cute and trusting.

chocolat was quite charming and enchanting. now i have cravings for chocolate and vanilla waffle cones. argh. what is it with me and movies? indulged in half an hour of notting hill just now. lovely. if only real life was as exciting as movies. now gtg back to hateful company reporting.

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