Friday, 26 June 2009


losing my battle with drowsiness in the eerily silent computer lab. uni is menthol-cold and so very しずか. i'm supposed to be chilled [and i guess i am, just not in the right way]. this is an elective, after all.

whatevs, betapa cranky-nya and feel like ranting.. ooh, feels quite delicious to think up things to complain about on purpose =) erm.. but it feels like i have nothing much to sulk about.. ok! thought of something!

why do guys like to confide in me when they've had a 'weird' or 'gross' [use your imagination!] dream? i don't think i really want to know. especially when i'm in it. yes, yes, i know you can't believe you had an 'odd' dream about me but it still doesn't warrant a phone call just to unnerve me. or distracting me from my studies or similar productive activities i'm partaking in.

... aiyo! can't seem to summon any negative thoughts. perhaps i'm just too delighted at this break from japanese ^.^


met song just now. walau-eh dunno what came over him lately-- too sunshiny! all rosy cheeks and toothy grins. this is so not song. song is brooding and sulky and sometimes unapproachable. yj claims he just takes longer to warm to people. i suspect he's in love.

whatevs lah, he's just so cute when he's happy-- v. kiddy. i see him happy, i also feel happy. aiyo this is abnormal. i think i'm pms-ing. his happiness is his business, why should i care? lalala

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