Tuesday, 9 June 2009

blowing off steam which would turn to ice

it's COLD. i think i have flu. battling it with sleep, h2o, kiwis, apples and spicy food.

finals in 2 days. omg omg!


did my first service as campus ambassador with a Q&A panel with Fountain Gate high school this morning. was nervous but tried not to dwell on it. ended up speaking incoherently. hopefully nobody noticed. i'll get better. always do. i mean, i was only homesick for 1 measly day when i moved here.


harry called me last night as i was studying with sue han and diane in pav. he was worried i might catch swine flu. i probably have it already. it's all over here!

before we started on the icky 'relationship' part, he managed to unintentionally remind me of the fact that my parents have not called to check if i'm still alive, as opposed to dead from swine flu. hmm is it normal? they did call tao when taiwan was rocked by earthquake, though they were draggy about it. whatevs, i don't care. send me money!


gtg hit the bloody books again. i miss ah ma and fann!

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suanie said...

stop hogging my popo :P