Wednesday, 10 June 2009

doing things in public

stuff i enjoy doing in front of people
  1. running / sports [unless i'm running with david, adam or similar fast-ass which will demotivate me]. thanks to my parents' forced hiking regimen, i have better stamina than most of my peers. yes i'm a show-off.
  2. studying. i can't study in my room, slouching around in my frumpy clothes. i have to dress nicely and study in a public area-- currently it's the common hostel area-- with studious friends-- it's sue han, now and forever. she's the type of chick who misses her period during spm. in public, i feel the pressure to actually get work done instead of trimming my nails. again. or similar.
  3. reading / carrying intellectual-looking books. it makes me feel smart.

activities best performed in private

  1. eating alone. last saturday i caught the train to city for booze cruise with a bunch of people. during the hour-long journey, my stomach was making me suicidal, and the mackers takeaway in my bag was practically vibrating, begging to be eaten. so i ate whilst everybody else was talking. horrible experience. but i was v. hungry. i HATE eating in public on fat days. on thin days i can feel serene while eating a 2000kcal cake in front of GOD [guy of dreams]
  2. weight lifting. because i have stamina, people naturally expect me to be able to lift heavy weights / do pull-ups / whatevs shit it is other buff people do. i can't, ok? i'm soft and flabby, plus i can't lift anything heavier than 3kg. stop patronizing me, gym people.
  3. blogging / facebooking. people will think i'm procrastinating. which i am. which is bad because finals start tomorrow.


got caught in the rain last night whilst walking to / from gym and to / from coles and to / from sofia. no more stupid decisions to walkabout in the freeze. it was so cold it hailed last night! an excuse to take a break from boring shit financial management. looks like bits of giant ais kacang.

k, have to go study publicly in pav now.

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