Tuesday, 23 June 2009


i was trudging home with 9kg worth of groceries, toiletries and books today from town, when i suddenly experienced a moment. of clarity. i was listening to wish post-it on my ipod [sorry, icky translation] which is the ost of fated and feeling all fuzzy inside when i recall the highs of the soap when it hit me-- the answer to Why Guys Dig Spectator Sports and throw hissy fits when their teams lose.

it's almost the same as Girls Who Dig Soaps and get teary-eyed when the heroine suffers. a surge of empathy welled in me and i almost felt ashamed for smiling patronizingly at all the red-faced dudes shouting, ''grow some balls, ref!'' at the footy game last time. i'm no better lah.


bumped into this guy at safeway and thought he looked sorta familiar. argh. kinda like the dude i was being v. friendly with at the booze cruise. i must've stuck stamps over my eyes, what was i thinking?! he is not hot at all, even in the dim light of dusk. stupid disco lights, blinding me. will be angelic next sem and avoid places with alcohol and dim lighting.


sonak left for malaysia just now. tomorrow diane will go. when i return from sydney i'll be alone in a138. at least sue han has arranged for me to sleep in hann's room if i want to. will spend free time participating in equal parts cool and productive activity. just uncertain which specific activity.


indon boys are fun. they're actually funnier than malaysians. didn't know i can go from being semi-stranger to semi-friends in less than a fortnight. all one needs is thick hide and enough car knowledge to compliment a lancer. lalala.


jenQker said...

you have a blog and you never informed?! im hurt.

MiN said...

didn't know you didn't know hehe
some more my blog not intellectual like yours, will feel paiseh