Wednesday, 17 June 2009

retail therapy

in retrospect it wasn't the wisest move to go grocery shopping yesterday. trying to credit my purchase of a $46 blender and $14 chopper to exam stress. not that i'm feeling particularly overwhelmed.

love the blender, made cauliflower soup last night. it sounded like a drill [diane's description]. v. noisy but the soup was yummy, tasted like the veg soup mum and ah ma used to cook.

the chopper was a useless piece of shit. will try chopping onions with it. if it fails, it'll officially become the Most Useless Chopper in World.


before i came to aus, people kept telling me i'll change, and i believed them, but only a few days ago did i actually feel the difference in myself. in msia, i'm alone most of the time, usually in my room. i sometimes eat alone, jog alone and shop alone [or with eunice].

a few days ago i lost my way while taking a walk in one of the residential areas on the way to town. it's normal for me to get lost as i have nil sense of direction but i was surprised that i actually called for help. ie. getting a friend to come look for me in his car. i just felt v. afraid being alone in the dark. in previous cases i just kept walking til i found my way out.

yeah i've changed. into a wimp. i'm so used to being around people that being alone just feels funny now. i guess it's kinda good that i'm not AS [antisocial] but i miss the tougher me too.

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