Wednesday, 22 July 2009


nearly died in lecture today--my stomach was cramping so bad, i could almost forget my shit results. no idea why tummy is acting up. i had given anything even remotely cool a wide berth since a fortnight ago.

a career expo will be held here tomorrow. unlike everybody else, i am not anticipating it. i will probably feel lost and small, the way i feel at education fairs. can you imagine being, of all things, a bloody accountant for the rest of your life? i try not to think about it, but tonight it's especially difficult.

dad says life is not about doing what you enjoy, but what keeps you living the life you want. that the tougher road is always the better way. he should know, i guess. ''suck it up'' is our household mentality. hehe. our family is into extremes.

had enough nightmares about weight gain. on the scales i'm only 2kg heavier but i look puffy and my thighs are dimply. ugh. had a malaysian dinner tonight, which consisted of a banana [oops hi-kcal] and an apple. whenever i used to complain to mum about how hungry i get at night, she always asks me to ''suck it up'', she's hungry too. and so are most skinny people.

the only upside of having stomach cramps is i lose appetite and don't have to cook. and can curl up in bed in pj's with chick lit.


one day, sohrab was taking a shower and his friend kept knocking on the door. he was so annoyed he stormed out of his room nude, only covering his family jewels with his hands.

rachel screamed.

''dude, wear something!''

''ok,'' sohrab enters his room. emerges a minute later, wearing underwear.

funny sohrab.


i stayed at a cheap-o hostel in sydney, with double-decker beds, shared toilets and kitchens, the lot. one thing that truly impressed me was when i went to the ladies on friday night and ran smack into 3 ang-mohs preparing for a big night out. it was like something from a movie-- music blasting from an ipod plugged into speakers, a 2l box of wine, plastic wine glasses, makeup, hair straightener.. the complete collection of girls' night out stuff.

back in our room, when i had to practically singlehandedly force everybody to go check out kings cross.. the guys were sulking.

''be ready in 5 minutes, or else we won't go.''

us 4 girls scrambled into our clothes, drew smudgy eyeliner, and that was the end of our pre-clubbing ritual.

thanks guys for your patience. don't complain we don't look hot if you don't give us time!

Saturday, 18 July 2009


less than stellar results has plunged me into sulkiness. canceled clubbing plans with jamie & co. partying when you have crappy results is just.. wrong. i'm depressed enough without yo-yo-ing between annoyance and self-pity the entire night. [when guys hit on me in clubs i get annoyed but when they don't i hate myself.]

supposed to be hosting a potluck tonight but can't be bothered inviting people.


couldn't cancel on pret yesterday as it was her farewell lunch date so went to chapelli's with eri and youna. pret is sweet. the food was ok-- i didn't know salami could taste so funky. eating with a japanese and a korean means we actually ordered a salad. malaysians and hong kees never order veggies.

hopped on a tram to chinatown afterwards and wasted time and money at star bookshop. the first time eugene brought me there i fell in love with it. everything felt right-- the low brown sofas, asian pop playing, taiwanese snacks and tea.. and my fave nana. i love nana, even if i always try to hide the cover whenever i see somebody approaching-- i don't want to be seen as a retard.

i'll be 20 in 10 days, i'm supposed to be reading queen or vogue or vivi or other assorted boring grownup magazine but nana is too cute and charming to resist.


watched the lake house, a movie that is almost as shite as zoolander. in zoolander, malaysia had a pm who looks suspiciously like a cina-pet chinese. i swear, he resembled sun tze or confucius! it was so ridiculous i let a 'fuck' slip through. oops. nana says guys don't like girls who smoke or curse.

stupid lake house. slow pace, barely-moving at all. think secret's first half. ooh torture. at least secret had the decency to be incredible gripping in the second half. haha i'm bitching. this is fun.

finished marian keyes' anybody out there? last night. i go through books v. fast when i go to city often. it was way better than the other side of the story. i loved anybody, may add it to faves, even if it is chick lit.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

new sem resolutions


after a month of semi-brokeness, my beloved parents finally found time to bank in money for me. i could not contain my excitement and delight, had nobody to share it with, so i threw on my bath robe, lumbered downstairs and began jumping around at the bottom of the stairs. i wanted to do it in my room but the floor feels so flimsy i'm not taking any chances.

shit. i'm crazy. i must at least pretend to be normal. if not nobody will ever want to marry me.

this sem, i will

  1. stop smoking for fun. it is a bad look, it annoys my super-non-smoker friends and it is almost as addictive as sims 3. i do not need to master the tang-wei-exhaling-through-nostrils look.
  2. quit eating pizza or kitkat [white, dark and original] for breakfast. i honestly doubt parents will still be tt-ing money to me if they knew how fat i'm getting. i keep buying new clothes because old ones do not fit anymore. and i'm tired of untagging all my fugly photos on facebook. plus i can't put off video-calling my friends forever.
  3. ditch procrastination. results out in a couple of days. argh.
  4. find a part-time job to support myself. gosh i'm scared. i've never applied for work before. mum always complains that i'm the only one of her child who had never really had a job before. ie. go job-seeking, applying, etc. in case i appear like a spoilt brat, i help her sell hospital equipment during sem breaks ok..

Thursday, 9 July 2009

when i grow up

when we were young-- 2004

2009 reunion dinner

lyn's most recent post moved me. when did we all grow up without realizing it? and there's more growing up to do in near future.

talked to yang a couple of days ago. he and fish will be going on exchange in china and uk next year. will we see one another again?


watched eagle eye with alex, ashlyn and guri at my apartment last night. ashlyn gave me a manicure. woohoo! i've never had a manicure before. heard nail polish causes cancer though. just dyed my hair and now my nails are coated with chemicals. i'm headed for cancer. shit.

i 'll stop dyeing my hair. i forgot how much it hurts to bleach my hair.

eagle eye was ok but a bit predictable towards the end. it would've been heaps more exciting if we'd watched it in the pav. it was a bit scary imagining that it was real, though.

going through a shia labeouf phase at the moment after watching transformers 2 in sydney.

megan fox was also super hot in the movie. and i loved optimus' police truck cover.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009


breakfast: spicy pho

dinner: mixed grill, where i realized i don't know the proper way to eat ribs


went to taronga zoo. brandon bought tickets for another taronga zoo which is situated 5 hours away from central sydney. whoops. didn't really like the zoo as felt sorry for the animals behind bars.

however, saw something exeptionally disgusting. mankind's relative, the orangutan, which is 98% similar to us in terms of genetic makeup.. shat and ate its own faeces. eww~ what kinda behaviour is that?!

trekking around the zoo proved more draining than a hike in the blue mountains.


and so at night we indulged in a semi-gourmet dinner at one of the restaurants at the rocks, with fantastic views of the harbour bridge on one side and the sydney opera house on the other.

i struggled with my ribs [ok, not mine per se, but the beef ribs on my plate] and sue lynn took pity on me and demonstrated the correct way to eat it. in a more refined way-- i think we're supposed to eat it with fingers. i can never cut ribs properly unless i flip it over and cut it according to the bone structure.


nearly ko-ed after dinner but off we went to star city to try our luck. feng shui everywhere. it unnerved me just to be in the midst of so much feng shui. perhaps i've watched too many feng shui movies during cny.

friends lost around $50 playing black jack. i'm a sore loser so i hardly gamble, but it was my first time in a casino so i fed a fiver into the slot machine and randomly pressed buttons. won $5! stopped asap and collected my winnings. haha typical chinese kia-su kia-si behaviour.

some of the gamblers around [mostly chinese] looked so weary and dejected. this must be what gamblers look like. somehow they remind me of the prostitutes on kings cross. i'd never seen a real prostitute up close before, only the glamourized versions on tv, so i was surprised at how haggard they looked. pale and exhausted-looking and trying to mask it with heavy makeup. smoking by the street, expressionless. v. unlike nicole kidman in moulin rouge.


had a dream about ahma awhile ago where she was saying, 'i'm fine.' to me. which is not fine at all. ying told me once that dreams regarding old people's health are the opposite of reality. i felt so uneasy about it, i'd emailed dad to inquire about ahma's health and he replied that she had colon cancer. shit.

however, dad said it's not serious and ahma sounded normal when i called her last night. so all should be well. =)