Saturday, 18 July 2009


less than stellar results has plunged me into sulkiness. canceled clubbing plans with jamie & co. partying when you have crappy results is just.. wrong. i'm depressed enough without yo-yo-ing between annoyance and self-pity the entire night. [when guys hit on me in clubs i get annoyed but when they don't i hate myself.]

supposed to be hosting a potluck tonight but can't be bothered inviting people.


couldn't cancel on pret yesterday as it was her farewell lunch date so went to chapelli's with eri and youna. pret is sweet. the food was ok-- i didn't know salami could taste so funky. eating with a japanese and a korean means we actually ordered a salad. malaysians and hong kees never order veggies.

hopped on a tram to chinatown afterwards and wasted time and money at star bookshop. the first time eugene brought me there i fell in love with it. everything felt right-- the low brown sofas, asian pop playing, taiwanese snacks and tea.. and my fave nana. i love nana, even if i always try to hide the cover whenever i see somebody approaching-- i don't want to be seen as a retard.

i'll be 20 in 10 days, i'm supposed to be reading queen or vogue or vivi or other assorted boring grownup magazine but nana is too cute and charming to resist.


watched the lake house, a movie that is almost as shite as zoolander. in zoolander, malaysia had a pm who looks suspiciously like a cina-pet chinese. i swear, he resembled sun tze or confucius! it was so ridiculous i let a 'fuck' slip through. oops. nana says guys don't like girls who smoke or curse.

stupid lake house. slow pace, barely-moving at all. think secret's first half. ooh torture. at least secret had the decency to be incredible gripping in the second half. haha i'm bitching. this is fun.

finished marian keyes' anybody out there? last night. i go through books v. fast when i go to city often. it was way better than the other side of the story. i loved anybody, may add it to faves, even if it is chick lit.

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