Thursday, 16 July 2009

new sem resolutions


after a month of semi-brokeness, my beloved parents finally found time to bank in money for me. i could not contain my excitement and delight, had nobody to share it with, so i threw on my bath robe, lumbered downstairs and began jumping around at the bottom of the stairs. i wanted to do it in my room but the floor feels so flimsy i'm not taking any chances.

shit. i'm crazy. i must at least pretend to be normal. if not nobody will ever want to marry me.

this sem, i will

  1. stop smoking for fun. it is a bad look, it annoys my super-non-smoker friends and it is almost as addictive as sims 3. i do not need to master the tang-wei-exhaling-through-nostrils look.
  2. quit eating pizza or kitkat [white, dark and original] for breakfast. i honestly doubt parents will still be tt-ing money to me if they knew how fat i'm getting. i keep buying new clothes because old ones do not fit anymore. and i'm tired of untagging all my fugly photos on facebook. plus i can't put off video-calling my friends forever.
  3. ditch procrastination. results out in a couple of days. argh.
  4. find a part-time job to support myself. gosh i'm scared. i've never applied for work before. mum always complains that i'm the only one of her child who had never really had a job before. ie. go job-seeking, applying, etc. in case i appear like a spoilt brat, i help her sell hospital equipment during sem breaks ok..

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jenQker said...

pls stop smoking. i will strangle u.