Wednesday, 22 July 2009


nearly died in lecture today--my stomach was cramping so bad, i could almost forget my shit results. no idea why tummy is acting up. i had given anything even remotely cool a wide berth since a fortnight ago.

a career expo will be held here tomorrow. unlike everybody else, i am not anticipating it. i will probably feel lost and small, the way i feel at education fairs. can you imagine being, of all things, a bloody accountant for the rest of your life? i try not to think about it, but tonight it's especially difficult.

dad says life is not about doing what you enjoy, but what keeps you living the life you want. that the tougher road is always the better way. he should know, i guess. ''suck it up'' is our household mentality. hehe. our family is into extremes.

had enough nightmares about weight gain. on the scales i'm only 2kg heavier but i look puffy and my thighs are dimply. ugh. had a malaysian dinner tonight, which consisted of a banana [oops hi-kcal] and an apple. whenever i used to complain to mum about how hungry i get at night, she always asks me to ''suck it up'', she's hungry too. and so are most skinny people.

the only upside of having stomach cramps is i lose appetite and don't have to cook. and can curl up in bed in pj's with chick lit.


one day, sohrab was taking a shower and his friend kept knocking on the door. he was so annoyed he stormed out of his room nude, only covering his family jewels with his hands.

rachel screamed.

''dude, wear something!''

''ok,'' sohrab enters his room. emerges a minute later, wearing underwear.

funny sohrab.


i stayed at a cheap-o hostel in sydney, with double-decker beds, shared toilets and kitchens, the lot. one thing that truly impressed me was when i went to the ladies on friday night and ran smack into 3 ang-mohs preparing for a big night out. it was like something from a movie-- music blasting from an ipod plugged into speakers, a 2l box of wine, plastic wine glasses, makeup, hair straightener.. the complete collection of girls' night out stuff.

back in our room, when i had to practically singlehandedly force everybody to go check out kings cross.. the guys were sulking.

''be ready in 5 minutes, or else we won't go.''

us 4 girls scrambled into our clothes, drew smudgy eyeliner, and that was the end of our pre-clubbing ritual.

thanks guys for your patience. don't complain we don't look hot if you don't give us time!

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