Wednesday, 8 July 2009


breakfast: spicy pho

dinner: mixed grill, where i realized i don't know the proper way to eat ribs


went to taronga zoo. brandon bought tickets for another taronga zoo which is situated 5 hours away from central sydney. whoops. didn't really like the zoo as felt sorry for the animals behind bars.

however, saw something exeptionally disgusting. mankind's relative, the orangutan, which is 98% similar to us in terms of genetic makeup.. shat and ate its own faeces. eww~ what kinda behaviour is that?!

trekking around the zoo proved more draining than a hike in the blue mountains.


and so at night we indulged in a semi-gourmet dinner at one of the restaurants at the rocks, with fantastic views of the harbour bridge on one side and the sydney opera house on the other.

i struggled with my ribs [ok, not mine per se, but the beef ribs on my plate] and sue lynn took pity on me and demonstrated the correct way to eat it. in a more refined way-- i think we're supposed to eat it with fingers. i can never cut ribs properly unless i flip it over and cut it according to the bone structure.


nearly ko-ed after dinner but off we went to star city to try our luck. feng shui everywhere. it unnerved me just to be in the midst of so much feng shui. perhaps i've watched too many feng shui movies during cny.

friends lost around $50 playing black jack. i'm a sore loser so i hardly gamble, but it was my first time in a casino so i fed a fiver into the slot machine and randomly pressed buttons. won $5! stopped asap and collected my winnings. haha typical chinese kia-su kia-si behaviour.

some of the gamblers around [mostly chinese] looked so weary and dejected. this must be what gamblers look like. somehow they remind me of the prostitutes on kings cross. i'd never seen a real prostitute up close before, only the glamourized versions on tv, so i was surprised at how haggard they looked. pale and exhausted-looking and trying to mask it with heavy makeup. smoking by the street, expressionless. v. unlike nicole kidman in moulin rouge.


had a dream about ahma awhile ago where she was saying, 'i'm fine.' to me. which is not fine at all. ying told me once that dreams regarding old people's health are the opposite of reality. i felt so uneasy about it, i'd emailed dad to inquire about ahma's health and he replied that she had colon cancer. shit.

however, dad said it's not serious and ahma sounded normal when i called her last night. so all should be well. =)

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