Thursday, 9 July 2009

when i grow up

when we were young-- 2004

2009 reunion dinner

lyn's most recent post moved me. when did we all grow up without realizing it? and there's more growing up to do in near future.

talked to yang a couple of days ago. he and fish will be going on exchange in china and uk next year. will we see one another again?


watched eagle eye with alex, ashlyn and guri at my apartment last night. ashlyn gave me a manicure. woohoo! i've never had a manicure before. heard nail polish causes cancer though. just dyed my hair and now my nails are coated with chemicals. i'm headed for cancer. shit.

i 'll stop dyeing my hair. i forgot how much it hurts to bleach my hair.

eagle eye was ok but a bit predictable towards the end. it would've been heaps more exciting if we'd watched it in the pav. it was a bit scary imagining that it was real, though.

going through a shia labeouf phase at the moment after watching transformers 2 in sydney.

megan fox was also super hot in the movie. and i loved optimus' police truck cover.

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