Thursday, 20 August 2009


mex was giving out free tickets, so i went with sue han and diane. i had been pleased to see that it is a modern film, and a winning one at that. but i couldn't fully comprehend it. how do people fall and stay in love?

can a person with aspie experience love? when even non-afflicted people find it difficult? i don't understand how love works-- the mind accepts the theories, but something else just feels wrong. aspie aside, can we ordinary beings separate love from need? lust? adam couldn't.. and i suspect most of us can't, either. we're just better at hiding it.

when adam spoke of stars moving away from each other at the negative speed of light, i couldn't help feeling he was talking about us-- harried humans. most of the times i feel very detached from the people around me. i've read that heaps of people feel the same, but that doesn't help me feel closer to anybody.

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