Tuesday, 18 August 2009


read about aunt penny's birthday.. rather lovely, especially when compared to dad's.

received a long email from him just now-- long by dad's standards, anyway-- and he said mum had overlooked his birthday. haiz. HOW CAN THEY?! what is fann doing?! dad seems a bit bummed, and i guess he has to shoulder a lot, despite his age.

i hope they'll find a new maid soon, and fann will quit getting into tiffs with mum, which is an uber challenge, but a girl can dream.


couldn't help unloading on diane just now, and she was shocked, 'what's wrong with your family?!'

i dunno, but at least i can blame my weirdness on something. went grocery shopping alone yesterday and bumped into alex and wz on the way. i didn't know it was odd to walk to town alone, but apparently it is.

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