Tuesday, 25 August 2009


of course, am procrastinating by pretending to de-stress via blogging.

watched a lovely episode of gossip girl just now-- almost shed a few tears. it was the thanksgiving episode, so family drama and mushy happy endings were unavoidable. or maybe the excess emotions stemmed from the choya i enjoyed with dinner just now. my face is red.

movies about families always makes me cry. even when watching secret, which made me cry so hard i could hardly drive afterwards, i first lost it when rain's mother thought she was crazy and put her on medication.

my family is different than most. i've met some of my friends' mums and they are all bubbly and goofy. i can't picture my mum coming to sleepover and cook and chat with my friends. she doesn't do that sort. my friends tell their mums most stuff, but i can't imagine calling mum and saying, 'hey mum! somebody asked me out today!'

sometimes my friends call to talk about.. things going on in their lives i.e. i like him but he might not be serious so should i accept his dinner invitation?.. kinda like b and s in gg [they share everything! so weird]. this kinda chats are quite novel to me-- i wasn't brought up to divulge personal information, even to family. i think it's good, though. i always know what to do instinctively, no need to summon a meeting and discussion everytime something comes up.

still.. i heart my family.. heh only because i'm too far away to fight with them! nah.. even when i was with them, sometimes i'll feel a rush of affection for them [usually coincides with the purchase of fabulous new clothes / phone / car?].. ana i really love them lah. wow! sounds gross.


was chatting with sonak just now.. realized i've been heaps calmer since my return from perth-- i haven't been to a club, spent excessively or did anything stupid since. can i be growing up?!

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