Sunday, 16 August 2009

girls who cry

a couple of fridays ago, i celebrated eugene's birthday with a dinner in the city with his friends.

the nanosecond i stepped into his apartment, i knew something was wrong-- yuki had mascara streaks on her face and her eyes and nose were raw-pink and puffy. eugene was being unusually gentle. argh i hate the awkwardness of being in the midst of a couple in a fight.

after eugene left to shower, yuki broke the silence by telling me about the reason behind their argument. i couldn't help smiling when i heard it, which proves what a weirdo i am. the gist of it is that yuki was planning to surprise eugene by knitting him a scarf and baking him a birthday cake and eugene had ruined it.

yuki had told eugene to call her before he dropped by the star cafe where she worked and eugene had simply barged inside and expressed impatience whilst yuki floundered around trying to hide the scarf. eugene had been impatient and annoyed when yuki appeared unhappy, but that was only because he had bought yuki a new camera and couldn't wait to surprise her.

wow. they seem to have stepped right from the set of a korean soap opera. anyway i was very amused by yuki's tears and told kent that it was such a cute thing to cry over. i guess it's easy to keep things in perspective when i'm unaffected by feelings.

it will be a different story when i'm the one knitting. not that i ever will. after that little episode, we enjoyed a lovely dinner at a fancy chinese restaurant.

even the table settings are posh.

as you can see, my brother and i are genetically inclined to snap photos of scraps >.<
eugene and yuki, who flew to sydney last weekend for a ms. chinese beauty peageant.

a chef carving the house specialty-- peking duck-- beside our table. yum!

the other birthday boy's fave dish-- chinese cabbage stewed with milk. he couldn't wipe the grin from his face when he saw this.

fried prawns. mm great now i have craving for chinese food.

the birthday boys with yuki's cake =)

my slice of heaven heh.

my friends outside from monash are usually in their late 20s, which is considered old to a new 二十歳 like me. when i meet new people, i just automatically assume they are also はたち


yesterday i went skiing with the ultra outdoors club. i'm not atletic at all and can only excel in sports that require no equipment or teamwork. running, swimming [though i have nil technique] and hiking comes to mind. i hate dragging people down, which is why i stay away from tennis, badminton, ping pong, basketball etc.

thanks to boys over flowers, the korean version of meteor shower, i was kinda anticipating this ski trip.

ok this is some crap shot i googled. but everything looked so fun!

and i'd never seen snow. and i'd spent $170 on this trip. so i decided to try to enjoy it even if it was that time of the month.

it was pure torture, from waking up at 2am to board the bus at 3am.. to squeezing my legs into the stiff boots that made me walk with bent knees permanently.. to lugging the 1000tonne ski equipment.. to winding up the mountain-- i came prepared with sweet plums.. slipping around the snow..

i nearly fell to my death while struggling up a flight of stairs and a dude came to help me.

'wow,' rach marvelled. 'prince charming..'

rolling my eyes, i pointed at the back of the guy's jacket, where GUEST SERVICES was emblazoned.

i managed to fit into my skis and entered another new phase of agony-- sliding backwards. as much as i attempted to stop this indignity by stabbing my poles into the stupid snow and clinging to them for dear life, i continued gostan-ing and bumping into people.

shit. as if that isn't enough, i managed to slide and fall facedown into a pile of snow the nanosecond i disembarked the chair ski lift. damn damn damn. i couldn't get up and after some useless flailing around, another guest services guy came to drag me up.

the class was helpful, but after a few more falls, crashing into trees [the horror] and people [sorry] and writhing around in the slushy snow to unlock my ski boots, yet again, i'd had enough.
irl, skiing isn't a bloody korean piece of rice cake.

however, despite not skiing, i still managed to be late for the return trip. sue han, one of my sister-level friends at res, was the only one later than me, and she was so upset about the entire ordeal she cried all the way down to the resort to return our equipment.

sitting beside her on the bus, i couldn't find the right words to say. it felt just as bad as skiing. how do people in real life comfort crying people? i haven't had anybody cry in my presence since.. a couple of years ago? 3 years ago, probably.

i considered referring to soaps but it seems such a ridiculous notion.

hmm just realized it's rare to have girls comfort other girls in soaps-- it's always guys, even if they resemble girls.

i dunno who this dude is but he's one of the most amazing pieces of successful plastic surgery. ever. omo if i ever had anybody so handsome be nice to me i'll never be sad for the rest of my life.

she's pretty, too. like she just rolled out from a manga. or just exited the plastic surgeon's.

in the end i tried to recall as much as i can about how to stem the tears. erm.. the last time i cried in front of people was 3 years ago. they freaked out and just held me. it was difficult and possibly scary to suddenly lunge on sue han and squeeze her so i flitted to the next option.

my ex bestie used to tell bad jokes to cheer me up. it didn't seem appropriate. next.

in the end i was imagined i was in a soap myself and lengthened my usual 'stop crying, there's nothing to cry about.' to include some gentle words. i despise the feeling of being unable to help!

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