Saturday, 29 August 2009

i gotta feeling. i had a ball.

somewhere.. over the rainbow..

suffered through an intense week with 3 assignments due and horrible weather. think 140km/h winds. hail. thunderstorms. sonak spotted the above rainbow after we battled the elements to shop at the nearby butcher's. it's the first time we've ever seen a rainbow from end to end. wow.

fancy table settings

nearly died yesterday-- woke, struggled with assignment, then it was straight to dolling up for the ball. ever since i gained weight, i've despised all party prep. popped by ash's to use her fabulous 78-color palette. wz picked a blue shade for me. they were so fantastic at their makeup i felt intimidated and crawled back to my apartment for a nip of choya.

lesson learnt-- never skip foundation when everybody else is wearing it. you'll only feel naked and end up getting your friend to help you swipe it on the bus.

however, i did a considerable number of stuff correct-- starting my prep a few days before. mask on tue, eye mask on wed, wax and nails on thu. so i could be serenely sucking on a lollipop which i nicked off sue han while she was too panicked to care while she was running around like a headless chicken.

i'm quite smug over my dress of choice

hiding from brandon's fat-photo guerrilla

most of the other girls were decked in strapless, figure-hugging numbers which required heaps of subtle and not-so-subtle pulling up [and down]. it's obvious a strapless dress which have to be yanked up again and again to stop it from sliding down and exposing your non-matching bra, but when it's tight, too, it tends to ride up your legs, so one has to tug it down to cover non-matching undies.

it's not glam to have other girls describing your dress as comfy, but i'm prone to jumping when i'm excited, and an incident involving ice at maison has taught me that jumpers and strapless don't go well together.

my moving heart attack trigger-- brandon

brandon has quite a few shots of me legging it in his album. gosh, all the exposed lard jiggling off me, just begging to be captured by brandon and posted on his blog. brandon, when will you reform?! i'm pleased i won't be joining you at cq this weekend.


this ball was more boring than the mrs ball. the concept is different. in between courses, everybody hit the dance floor at mrs ball. here, we have performances. however, the food was delicious.

drool. you have no idea how hungry dressing up makes you.

note the v. cute baby carrots.

a surprisingly yum combo. even the pistachio ice-cream was edible.

coin-operated hair straightener. now i've seen it all.

hailing from a 3rd-world country, i was delighted when i stumbled upon this invention in robarta, where the after-party was held.

the only highlights of the ball were the food, hanging out and dancing. and that's only because i have a knack for working myself up into a high over nothing. eu jin was a surprisingly awesome dancer. he's actually quite cute when he's all suited up.

everybody should've seen him doing billie jean. dancing is fun.. even though my tipsy girlfriends kept lunging at me to give me a hug.. and nearly ripping my dangly earrings out in the process.

ooh, tempted by merdeka celebration. thank goodness i'm not patriotic.

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