Friday, 21 August 2009

le petit prince.. and the old lady

my all-time fave book. when beth mentioned it in adam, i suddenly missed my beautiful 60th anniversary collectors' edition.. tucked somewhere in my parents' room. when i left malaysia i didn't think i'd need any sentimental knick-knacks with me-- soft toys, cherished books-- but evidently i do.

thanks to bernice, i have a bunny to keep me company at night, and i'd bought a secondhand copy of french.

the old lady

at the train station, after adam, we met an outspoken old lady. being jakun asians, i was helping sue han snap photos with the semi-artwork [because they look too dilapidated to be classified as 100% art], when the old lady called out to us. she'd thought we were leaving our groceries as we were hidden from view.

after that, she began making conversation. whenever i speak to mature-age aussies, they always ask the same question-- will i be applying for pr? to which i always answer 'no', not because i don't intend to, but because i didn't want to intimidate them. everybody is saying, australia is the new asia. black hair everywhere.. and half the blondes are bottle.

however, this old lady encouraged us to stay. she prompted us to speak up like aussies-- most malaysians auto-mute in the presence of foreigners. i don't understand-- why would she want more of us here? australia is already being flooded with asians. personally, i would be super-pissed if i was australian.. i suppose the way i view the world is so fixed, i find it difficult to see it from another point of view.

she gave us some sage advice, though. i'd like her if i could confirm that she is sane. [i know it sounds b*tchy but i've talked to some mental / tipsy / tipsy people before.] i can't tell anything until they start repeating questions.. then i know they're a bit off.

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