Sunday, 23 August 2009


serena's white party dress

i know, season 3 is probably complete, and i'm still in the first stages of hearting this season 2 look. i was in a semi-dilemma whilst out shopping with sue han and diane yesterday over what to wear for the ball on friday.

my silver dress has been worn to death. i'm wearing it in half of my facebook albums. plus it looks jakun.

i love my new black backless [!] dress but it's transparent. i don't wanna end up with photos like my grad prom-- not that i'm intending to snap much shots. i don't want fat records of myself. and, everybody will be clad in black. boring.

but i was thinking, if i wear my black dress, i won't have to buy new heels. black dress + silver heels + black beaded evening bag.. but then i also won't be able to wear my new turquoise jangly earrings.

if i wear my silver dress, i'll need new heels, which i can get in teal to match my earrings. but a black bag?

then i stumbled upon a white chiffon sequin trim dress, which reminded me of the white party. it's a tad pricey at $29, but i'll be able to wear my old heels. white goes well with turquoise, too. diane went, shoes are more expensive than dresses, it's better to buy a new dress to match your old shoes.

now i just need a teal clutch.

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