Monday, 24 August 2009

unveil the superstar

i bought this on impulse in springvale last saturday. it's useless regarding tips on how to beautify oneself, except the confession that female celebrities remain svelte by always being hungry, no shortcuts. i didn't start skipping meals, but i felt better in a sadistic sort of way.

this book is quite entertaining and eye-opening. it talks about non-invasive plastic surgery, like hyaluronic acid which gave hyori her nose--

omo so tempted!

and botox. barbie shared a funny [wow, looks like i'm in a mean mood tonight] story about a male actor who botox-ed his brow area, egging his doctor to increase the quantity injected.. so much that he had permanently slightly raised brows and the worst bit is that his forehead was so rigid, he was unable to fully close his eyelids for 4 months! even when he was sleeping! wow. ouch.

argh back to tuts and assignments now. i don't care about my clutch anymore-- i just want to have all my assignments done on time!

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jenQker said...

omg how did u managed to get a photo of my ex?