Thursday, 24 September 2009

lame fame

the trailer was so-so but the trailer track was catchy so i thought, maybe the producers just don't know how to cut the trailer better. WRONG!

there is nothing better to cut.

ok, so asher book is quite cute. and his voice lovely. but his character [and all the other characters] is/are so bland i couldn't care less whether they made it big.

i don't believe they want it bad. i don't believe they are talented. i don't believe they have a future in performing arts. i don't believe they're real.

i don't feel sorry for them when they fail/get cheated. i don't feel like cheering for them when they land a deal.

jenny [kay panabaker] was the worst. thinking about her gives me a headache.

the only upside of this flick is not the dancing, it's the crop of new faces [to girl who hailed from village like me, anyway]. kherington payne is hot!

the only dude who can act-- collins pennie.

go watch 500 days of summer instead.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

500 days of summer

brandon heard it is good so we met up at chaddy this afternoon to watch it.

i didn't know joseph gordon-levitt is the male lead until i saw the poster at hoyts. i'd seen him in 10 things i hate about you -- v. cute character who learns french to get a girl. it's just me [i checked with my friends], but he looks v. chinese to me, which just adds to his charm.

he was a bit scrawny in 10 but he'd lengthened enough in 500. plus syaz just informed me he is captain cobra in gi joe! omo the good-looking soldier-turned-psycho.

obviously i'm semi-obsessed with jgl and this is fated to be one of those posts which will be incoherent.


it was kinda annoying how 500 kept flicking forwards and backwards, but at least the numbers provided kept me in the loop as to where we were. i liked it. enough to rant about it.

500 didn't live up to brandon's expectations but i loved it [minus the excessive time warp thingy] esp. the part where we were shown 2 scenarios at the same time-- expectations vs. reality. it made me a tad dizzy but it is genius!

i loved it. go watch it.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

talking with my family

what a sleep-inducing blog title. but it meant so much to me. it's been 2 days and i'm still smiling over the 2-hour conversation, though 1 hour consisted of fann cursing as he struggled with his blog layout.

feeling a bit homesick lately. it's odd, for i never got full-blown homesickness. there has been times i'd tossed and turned at night because i wanted to hold coco so bad, but not enough to make the thought of returning appealing.

it felt very comforting and familiar to have fann call my chinese name in his distinct style. and hear dad crack jokes about my weight. i refused to switch on my webcam as i didn't want my family to all collapse from a heart attack from my weight gain. my mum can't even recognize me with a tan, much less with additional kgs on me.

dad had to ask, 'what do you look like now?'

'fat,' i replied flatly.

'haha,' cue dad's joke about how i resembled a ball when i was a baby and he never knew how to hold me as i was too round for him to get a grip on me.


mum took almost 2 hours to get her ass to the laptop. she has this annoying habit of making us online then not talking to us. however, i persevered and got the opportunity to hear her nag.

our family loves blunt questions, it's embedded in our dna--

eg. 1

me, looking at photos of fann's 'advanced' friends on his blog, suddenly worried for my bro's integrity, blurted out, 'eh, are you still a virgin?'


eg. 2

'is anybody chasing you?' mum.

'nope,' sheepishly.

'too fat?'


mum may appear to be a negative influence but what she says is true. i'm addicted to saying, 'my mum says..'


'are you working?'

'nope,' mentally kicked myself for not seeking a job in the city.


'nobody's hiring me,' well, at least not in this suburb and the next.

'well, our neighbor's daughter is working 2 days a week in sydney.'

that was all it took. i couldn't sleep until 2am, and i was up at 7am to get ready to go job-hunting in the city.

job-seeking can be very de-motivating. plus i can understand why thin girls are favored-- the restaurants are so crowded, it can be difficult to maneuver around if you're fat. and shops are packed to the max with v. breakable items.

tomorrow will be better =)

Monday, 14 September 2009

all doped up

today is one of the worst days of my life. the only things comparable are similar events in high school and monash malaysia, having my heart broken and hearing ahma had to undergo surgery.

the saddest part is i'm not exaggerating.

my period, which, at best, comes around every 3 weeks, was late. on paper it was a perfect cycle, and xian and eunice would have been happy for me-- they're forever commenting that at the rate i'm going, i'll be unable to have babies.

but yesterday i cramped so bad during my jog, i took forever to return home. shaz's tip is to just sit on the ground instead of squatting, which i did at intervals. it's scary when the pain won't subside and home seems far away and you don't have a phone on you.

i thought it couldn't get worse, but it was so bad today. nothing helped-- warm water, a warm wheat bag. i'm a bit fuzzy now from all the pain-killers i swallowed and all the hours in bed. the pain was so intense, and crying and moaning don't lessen it. horrible, horrible, horrible.

i remember crying at the student center in high school, pleading for pain-killers, which the school claimed they stopped selling as it is bad for health. and sitting on the toilet floor at uni in malaysia because i couldn't move. this was worse than those.

i never NEVER want to feel that pain again. i'll buy prescription strength pain-killers next time i'm out and pop them at the first twinge of discomfort in my back. i don't care if i destroy my immune system. i'd rather die than go through that hell again. this must be what hell feels like.

Friday, 11 September 2009

chuck vs nate


finished season 2 gossip girl last night, but i'd been hankering to make noise about chuck vs nate for awhile.

gg is a bit repetitive and has an incest-like quality 'cause everybody is having sex with each other but i still heart it because the actors and clothes are beautiful.

the one episode which left an impression [as opposed to fashion inspiration] was when blair told dorota how.. nice it felt to be with nate. just so you know, nate is ze most boring dude in the entire show. but he is also the handsomest.

blair has a thing for chuck, the classic bad boy, but after a lot of heartache and tears, she decided that it was nice to be with nate.

who describes love with 'nice'? it practically translates into 'we never make out and we spend all our time discussing alan greenspan's bio'.

but i kinda liked the concept of love being 'nice'. and 'easy'. 'fun'. as opposed to intense passion with chuck, but always ending with the girl crying alone.


o.. the eye-opener of the month-- love can be 'nice', too.
love shouldn't have to be a nonstop roller-coaster ride which makes you puke, even if the adrenaline and kick is high.

Thursday, 10 September 2009




i couldn't copy the even more gorgeous lv bags' photos off the snobby lv site--
they're probably worried about counterfeiting.

nobody counterfeits coach bags, they're american [not french] and cheaper than lv.
they list prices on their site.

ooh i never thought i'd fall into the trap of luxury goods' shameless advertising.
but it's an investment, actually.
it's better to blow on a good bag and purse and not have to buy for ages, whilst still looking posh.

argh bernice could buy a coach purse with her bf's shopping allowance for one night!
though there'd probably be a huge fight afterwards.

my beautiful bag's lining has ripped and my purse is frayed around the edges, dusty, and a teeny bit greasy from all those times i didn't wipe my oily fingers before touching it--
these 2 items are love at first sight, the bag has been with me for about a year and the purse, 3 years.
i remember blogging about the bag-- it had cost rm60, a fortune at that time, but i had to have it when i saw it.

ok, before i can afford my own lv, i'll stick to my extensive collection of enviro bags.
no point wasting money on a 2nd rate half-loaf bag.


bernice has a nice bf.
during steamboat last sunday, bernice told lawrence something damn classic--

you're a good bf, but you could be better;
i'm a bad gf, but i could be worse.


Wednesday, 2 September 2009

the best advice

爱你 不需要原因
分隔两地 也可以传给你
爱你 不会有距离
随时随地 我也可以感觉得到你

小时候常常 担心一个问题
男人结婚之后 到底会不会外遇
我的爸爸妈妈 在我小学三年级
他们离婚了 其实我非常的伤心

长大后觉得 没什么了不起
爱情并不是 生活里全部的事情
只要此时此刻 我们爱得很用心
就足够 我一辈子去回忆


有时候 我也会碰到不如意
宁愿哈哈大笑 也不要哭哭啼啼
付出去的感情 就算都没有回应
可以碰到你 已经觉得非常幸运

失败做错了 也没什么关系
要找回那颗 不认输的心

幸福全部 要靠自己努力去争取

被我的爱 感动的人

就算我们 不能地久天长

就算没有 我想要的答案


my fave lyrics, from high school til now.
vivi rocked to have penned such a breezy yet encouraging song.

there are always things we're not supposed to do, like packing up and going for an impromptu holiday.

and there are so many charming guys we know are bad news, yet can't help liking.
i say, as long as he's not a violent druggie / serial womanizer / money-sucking small-white-face, he's ok.
if you like somebody, why fight it?

people think too much nowadays.


of course he didn't say that, but his scriptwriter did a good job with that line.