Tuesday, 22 September 2009

500 days of summer

brandon heard it is good so we met up at chaddy this afternoon to watch it.

i didn't know joseph gordon-levitt is the male lead until i saw the poster at hoyts. i'd seen him in 10 things i hate about you -- v. cute character who learns french to get a girl. it's just me [i checked with my friends], but he looks v. chinese to me, which just adds to his charm.

he was a bit scrawny in 10 but he'd lengthened enough in 500. plus syaz just informed me he is captain cobra in gi joe! omo the good-looking soldier-turned-psycho.

obviously i'm semi-obsessed with jgl and this is fated to be one of those posts which will be incoherent.


it was kinda annoying how 500 kept flicking forwards and backwards, but at least the numbers provided kept me in the loop as to where we were. i liked it. enough to rant about it.

500 didn't live up to brandon's expectations but i loved it [minus the excessive time warp thingy] esp. the part where we were shown 2 scenarios at the same time-- expectations vs. reality. it made me a tad dizzy but it is genius!

i loved it. go watch it.

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