Friday, 11 September 2009

chuck vs nate


finished season 2 gossip girl last night, but i'd been hankering to make noise about chuck vs nate for awhile.

gg is a bit repetitive and has an incest-like quality 'cause everybody is having sex with each other but i still heart it because the actors and clothes are beautiful.

the one episode which left an impression [as opposed to fashion inspiration] was when blair told dorota how.. nice it felt to be with nate. just so you know, nate is ze most boring dude in the entire show. but he is also the handsomest.

blair has a thing for chuck, the classic bad boy, but after a lot of heartache and tears, she decided that it was nice to be with nate.

who describes love with 'nice'? it practically translates into 'we never make out and we spend all our time discussing alan greenspan's bio'.

but i kinda liked the concept of love being 'nice'. and 'easy'. 'fun'. as opposed to intense passion with chuck, but always ending with the girl crying alone.


o.. the eye-opener of the month-- love can be 'nice', too.
love shouldn't have to be a nonstop roller-coaster ride which makes you puke, even if the adrenaline and kick is high.

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