Thursday, 24 September 2009

lame fame

the trailer was so-so but the trailer track was catchy so i thought, maybe the producers just don't know how to cut the trailer better. WRONG!

there is nothing better to cut.

ok, so asher book is quite cute. and his voice lovely. but his character [and all the other characters] is/are so bland i couldn't care less whether they made it big.

i don't believe they want it bad. i don't believe they are talented. i don't believe they have a future in performing arts. i don't believe they're real.

i don't feel sorry for them when they fail/get cheated. i don't feel like cheering for them when they land a deal.

jenny [kay panabaker] was the worst. thinking about her gives me a headache.

the only upside of this flick is not the dancing, it's the crop of new faces [to girl who hailed from village like me, anyway]. kherington payne is hot!

the only dude who can act-- collins pennie.

go watch 500 days of summer instead.

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