Thursday, 29 October 2009

flightless bird

my new mp3 addiction, just nanoseconds after hearting cry for you. spring fever is in the air. sonak and i went running and jumping and skipping at the football field behind home. felt so free, like a dream, though just finished one exam, three more coming.

australia is so beautiful.. i love the stars in the sky at night. i love seeing the moon during the day. i love the pink clouds. i love the bare stretches of green grass. i love how people greet each other with xo's.

today was muggy and hot. i felt like i was burning, exploding with energy. it was too warm to eat, but i was hungry. in constant state of breathlessness, not aided by my sudden urge to jump. on the bed, sofa, whilst chatting to diane.

shouldn't have borrowed new moon from the library. finished it in a day, the day before the exams. and had sudden desire to re-watch twilight, which i did just now. edward is gorgeous, but i prefer jake. have crossed over to the dark side to support team jacob.

the clincher was how warm he is-- admittedly a fictional werewolf trait. but i have this belief that you can tell how kind people are by holding their hands. warm hands = kind heart. it's fairly accurate but don't know what to make of kent who has warm palms but cold fingers.

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