Sunday, 25 October 2009

halfway around the world

gosh, dunno why but have been listening to a*teens' halfway around the world on loop for an hour. heart tamia's officially missing you , esp the cover by the beautiful js but halfway is just too cute and catchy.

had a good, good night at mubs ball last night. didn't stagger home regretting playing with somebody. audrey was uncomfortable with being in a situation where she knew limited people so she drank too much but had fun after she barfed and sobered up.

she was pleasantly surprised by how relaxed everybody is. none of the elaborate dressing of the international ball. and i was surprised at how she was surprised at the way the aussies just get up and dance.

i'd always lived according to my whims, which has earned me the label ''weird'' [malaysians] or its prettier cousin ''quirky'' [singaporeans]. so just goofing off on the dance floor is natural, as long as there are people on it with me. i like playing, not performing.

but it was a refreshing change for audrey, or so she says. i was glad for her. even though we were a bit lost when we first arrived, hardly knowing anybody. but i'm used to being in situations where i only know a handful of people. however, do it enough times and you'll realize you're gonna be ok, and even have fun =)

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