Tuesday, 20 October 2009


received email from dad today. by some odd twist of fate, will be going to msia for summer break if insurance doesn't cover teeth-- discovered a chip a few days ago.

surprised by the extent of delight at this news. spent 19 years of life hankering to go out into the big world out there and once out there, knackering to return to the nest [if only for a few days]. *sigh* grass is always greener on the other side.


will be going for free ben & jerry ice-cream at clayton campus with sue han later. have been hanging out with her almost daily since saturday night. studied together last night and enthralled peeps with my description of how animals perceive human beings. is v. interesting.. read about it in an ielts exercise.


argh just received a text from friend. having bit of a tiff with him. don't mean to sound snotty but truly do not know what to do with him!

how do you explain to somebody.. love is free.. you can't make somebody love you just because you love him enough.. it's not because one is inadequate, it's because fate has decided it's not your time to be celebrated by love yet.. but your time will come.. we must bersabar til then..

can't make him understand.. and feel v. sorry because i've been through all that shitty anguish and/or depression before. yet can't sacrifice schoolwork to play games with him. so of course, favorite strategy for dealing with undesirable situations-- ignore.

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