Tuesday, 13 October 2009

soul for sale-- what $5 + kfc can buy

as everybody who is even remotely close to me is aware, my korean boss gave me an additional $5 for my first official shift last saturday. with that, and a kfc twister, mashies and mountain dew, he bought my loyalty.

the restaurant is a small establishment, which reminds me of my parents' company. i can't speak korean but i understood the gist of their discussion as they prepared to pay me. boss asking lady boss to give me an extra fiver-- something so 'dad' about it all.. i was charmed.

dad is mia again!


every time i think about the too-buttery biscuits i baked for hd and my apartment, i feel itchy all over, and get this raging urge to chuck them. i don't understand why they're bugging me so!

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