Thursday, 22 October 2009

they said..

in the banquet, when the crown prince inquired his naive fiancee, ''how did my father die?''

she replied, ''they said.. it was from a scorpion bite.''

''how can there be a scorpion in his living quarters?''

''they said.. the scorpion crawled in through an open window.''

''who are they?!''

''they?'' here the green girl looked momentarily confused. ''they are the people of the palace, of course.''

since then i'd always tried to track down the source of the rumors i care about. people always say ''they'', but who the hell are they?!


whenever i see celebrities complaining about rumors, i'll be thinking, quit whining, you selfish punk. you're making heaps of money. think of the starving children.

but when stuff like that happens to oneself, it actually hurts. it's ironic how i'm always going, ''there's no smoke without fire'', blah blah blah.. so when something crops up about self, can't really blame others for believing it.

thank goodness was brought up to be thick-skinned. and, in comparison with all the hungry kids in the world, am far better off. whenever something bad happens, will remind myself that none of this shit will matter in a year or two.

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