Monday, 19 October 2009

this charming man

ugh. bone tired lately. everybody's comments on me has been, ''wow, you look stressed.''

i just feel exhausted all the time.


finished reading this charming man. v. good, as good as anybody out there? anti domestic violence! sometimes i look at power couples and i feel a teeny bit envious [ok, had to self-edit, just in case]. but often, beneath the gleaming front, i often discover things are not always what they seem. and that is somehow very disappointing..


will be remaining here for another year. whenever i used to think of aussie, spunky surfers, golden beaches, icy cocktails etc. would pop into my mind. but as was traipsing around woolworths, mindlessly shoving random boxes of junk into my trolley, realized awful truth about self-- have yet to meet surfers here! spunky or otherwise. am not even picky now.

mm.. should go out more.

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