Monday, 12 October 2009

a v. productive day

i went out yesterday because a. i feel like i deserve a break from study/work and b. i know i'll binge-eat at home if i don't. going to the city calms me and stimulates me at the same time. but i don't lepak-- heck, i don't even enjoy the ultimate girl-sport of window shopping.
i have plans.
1st stop: off to clayton to find a korean saloon to dye my hair back to black. you get what you pay for. the viets ruined my hair. there's a knot at the nape of my neck which has been tangled for.. a month at least.
no korean saloons! but spotted v. cheap mangoes-- $1.80 each. i'd evolved into a full-blown auntie since i began doing own groceries. diane and i bought one each, feeling v. pleased with our purchases.
then we crossed the street and saw mangoes going for $1.50 each. argh! why does this always happen to me?! couldn't believe it, decided sth must be off with the $1.50 mangoes. took my $1.80 mango from my bag and held it against the cheaper one.
aha! i knew it!
'' it's smaller,'' i informed diane confidently. '' that's why it's cheaper. we didn't get ripped off.''
'' ok,'' diane looked a bit dubious.
no use crying over split milk.
couldn't locate any korean saloon so decided to make way to carnegie to try luck. bought a couple boxes of hello panda for lunch. since i started work, mini purchases like these don't make me feel guilty anymore.
stop 2: carnegie
traipsed up and down the main street until finally saw koreana. it was open! i felt ashamed of my knotty, sticky hair. i hadn't shampooed this morning after gym as i'd read somewhere that one should refrain from shampooing before a dye job.
it costs $120 to dye and cut my hair. one week's wages at pacific! but with $10 change. ok.
didn't make small talk with stylist. busy reading marian keyes' this charming man. yes, it's chick-lit, but it's bestseller chick-lit with heart. am SO happy that hair didn't sting from all the chemicals like it did in lily's.
stylist took ages to untangle my hair. ooh how did i let myself go?!! *anguish*
.. finished! my hair is so black and shiny it looks blue, somehow. i look weird-- less sunshiny and more.. depressed. pale. male stylist says i can't have bangs. *sighs* must have sharp face to carry them off.
cardigan smelling a bit funky. what kind of a girl am i?! am dishonor to the female species.
stop 3: city
as usual, trotted to star book cafe and flicked through a new queen with a hot mug of oat milk tea. bliss.
all the girls in queen are seriously skinny. envious.
read this charming man-- it was so funny. kept smiling to self but tried to keep a check on it as afraid may appear mental to girls in next table. however, lol-ed at one part. just couldn't help it! quickly called kent so can pretend am lol-ing at sth funny he said.
ate dinner at eugene's. wow. it was his once-in-6-months cooking spree. i got lucky. sweet & sour pork. seaweed soup with home made meatballs. rice (eugene cooks the best rice-- a bit soggy, not too dry). and a dahl with potatoes, carrots and chicken by yuki.
shadow was super adorable. i ate kneeling in front of the coffee table, and he kept scrambling onto my lap. he's so cute and so fake-looking, like a soft toy. after dinner, watched an old hk drama.
left around 9.30pm. eugene asks, '' so early?!'' it's his standard reply whenever i take my leave. i could have been there for half the day, watching tv on his lovely big screen and he'd still give me ''so early?!'' when i said i should go.
diane baked bread pudding. told me i looked like a jap because the black brings out the white in my skin.
'' i look like i'm wearing a wig!'' i groaned.
'' haha, you think so too? i was thinking the same thing.''
went to sue han's apartment to let her see my new (or old) hair color.
'' you look japanese,'' she kept laughing. that's the new code for '' you look like you're wearing a wig'', i suppose.
lots of people couldn't recognize me sans brown hair. or with combed and blow-dried hair. i usually go everywhere with wet, uncombed hair.
then celebrated fujitsu's birthday.
2am. henn drik played mum (switching off my laptop, locking my door after putting my keys inside my room-- i usually lock my door but leave my key in the outside keyhole, etc.) after coming to see my hair.
a v. v. productive day.

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