Thursday, 26 November 2009

lazy day

am attempting to motivate self to get off arse and go to chaddy to drop off some more resumes.

have been going out daily since exams ended on the 13th and am now a bit tired. sue and i both fell into a deep sleep on the train home last night. we must have been exhausted to nod off on public transport like that. even listening to you make my dreams and sugar town, my 2 new fave songs, couldn't wake me.

started reading an entire issue of time recently. i'd always shied away from time, only flipping through and picking out articles that interest me, as i found all the politics-related coverage intimidating. but now i realize the key to enjoying time is to read it backwards, where the easier-to-comprehend bits are. (attempted to start from the front, with an interview with president obama, but was left scratching my head. he doesn't appear to be actually answering any questions. maybe all politicians do that).

Friday, 20 November 2009

new moon

finally watched new moon last night. sort of anti-climatic. but then i didn't really love twilight either. but jacob was lovely. *sigh* in my mind all the wolves had jacob-esque bods but the movie kinda ruined that part for me. all the wolves were cute, though.

jacob jacob jacob jacob jacob jacob jacob jacob jacob jacob jacob jacob jacob jacob jacob jacob jacob

it's so hot nowadays. am cooking in the heat. must buy cooler today.

it wasn't hot when we went to the beach-- it was effing cold. now i'm stuck in my stuffy apartment and it's cooking here, though i'm only wearing tiny knickers as i type this. life can be a bitch.

can i buy contact lenses online?

Thursday, 19 November 2009

are you looking down on me??!

omo last night was a bad, bad night.

s, hd, may, ck, eu jin and i decided to have a booze party. i picked out a bottle of soho lychee liquor and s got an absolut peach. those people ar, never heard of soho before, kept thinking i was demented and had confused solo (fizzy lemon soft drink) with alcohol. duh! do they think i'm stupid or what?!

i'd never been drunk before, maybe tipsy, though mostly i feed off other people's excitement and get high for no apparent reason. but gosh, last night was crap. i didn't know i had an annoying little girl's voice in me >.<

while doing shots, i spat out the vile vodka so i was exempted from consuming it and had soho instead. yum! but though i was consuming half the amount of alcohol as the others, i flushed first and my heart was beating so fast i thought i was phasing into a werewolf (i think i voiced this thought aloud because s kept telling me i was a vamp, not a werewolf).

in hindsight it's pretty funny. shall recall last night and laugh to self so as not to sink into depression from living in an empty apartment (s moved out today). *smile

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

where i become an annoying whiner..

.. and could do with 'one tight slap', as s always likes to say.

terribly homesick last night. even the extra cash boss paid me failed to lift my spirits. mum called while i was sitting outside the restaurant waiting for boss to arrive and unlock the door. don't know why i felt like crying when i heard her voice go, ''min min ah?''

sometimes mum is so outrageous, it's a wonder how we kids turned out so mild-mannered. she kept calling me during my shift and i ended up discussing my return flight plans with her on my cell while keeping an eye on the customers.

now it's all sorted, i'll only be returning for a month. and i have to kiss my bosses' arses so i'll have something to do in the fortnight here before uni begins (in between hitting on surfers-- spunky or otherwise-- on the beach). in fact, seriously contemplating hitting the beach tomorrow.

anyway was miserable so went to hd's room for a bit of a moan. he had an exam today but still patted my head at all the right times.

and audrey and jan came over to bake choc chip cookies afterwards so i became too exhausted to be homesick.

ps. sue and i saw an old surfer at quiksilver in the city, old but spunky! wow-ee!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009


last night was good =)

it was effing hot, so unbearably hot that i begged for car rides to coles to pick up a cooler.

forced tj and sonak to accompany me.

coles eden rise didn't stock coolers, and daniel said they don't help much anyway, so we gave up and returned home.

on the 5 minute car trip home, it was somehow decided that we would go to glen for supper. so we returned to res to drop off our yogurt and ice-cream. as i was forcing our ice-cream into sue's freezer, which was already packed to the max with ice-cream ('it was on promo!'), hd expressed interest in joining.

so off we went




arms and legs everywhere in the car

'the colossal' from pancake parlour

after supper at glen, we drove home. and on the way home, we saw a sign to mornington peninsula, where the beaches are.

'do you guys wanna go to the beach?' daniel asked. (i swear, this dude is so.. indescribable).

'yeah!' hd. ironically, he was the most tense when we first went out, guilt-ridden by the thoughts of textbooks yet to be memorized.

the next thing i knew, we were driving on pitch black lanes (scary) and swerving to miss rabbits.

we reached the beach at 1am, and i was surprised at how many seagulls there were. they looked like they were swimming in the sky.. moving in slow-mo. i can't describe it, guess it's one of those things you have to see for yourself.

the pier

s, dan & tj

after walking around and trying to stay low so as to avoid being bashed up by tipsy angs we drove back.. to a hill in berwick to check out the view. all the glittering lights reminded me of home. why do lights glitter? i'm fairly certain the lights are switched on consistently but from afar they always glitter.

'twas a spontaneous night. very random, very me. as hd puts it, 'now i know how you felt when you suddenly packed and flew to perth.' yeah, man-- fabulous.

Monday, 9 November 2009

how to be good

is this a heatwave? or have we adapted too well to the freezing cold of melbourne winter? i'd forgotten what malaysian weather is like, but here i still prefer the dry crackly heat to the dry crackly cold of winter.

out comes my beloved umbrella, and sunscreen is kept in my handbag as opposed to some dusty corner in my room.

reading how to be good and nick hornby is an excellent writer because i'm repulsed by david. so repulsed i chanted ''bastard'' and '' motherfucker'' in a semi-rage at the bus stop. sonak kinda took the steam out of me by correcting my ''beh-sterd'' to ''bah-sterd''. since coming here i'd been confused by correct pronounciation. hd and sonak are both v. brit so sometimes they adjust my accent simply 'cos it's american instead of brit. is my new bff. so far i'd corrected my pronounciation of a few of my fave words-- dilemma and crows (crow is not a fave word but i need to use it on a regular basis when bitching about the hateful creatures). but i also realized there's nothing wrong with my ''body'' and ''bastard'' lalala.


now i'd started it feels quite lovely to while away an afternoon in the cool of the computer lab, dissecting issues which are not issues at all.

met thasha today at caulfield. almost didn't recognize her-- she'd lost half of herself! the first person who slimmed down in this fattening country! wow. apparently she hits the gym 2 hours a day. om-effing-gosh! that's the same amount taylor lautner puts in! i'd rather remain fat than work out 2 hours a day, which can be spent.. blogging in the lab. or studying-- depending on whether your name is min or diane.

bumped in ai also. still svelte and gorgeous as ever-- all clean makeup, understated style and green tea perfume. she is my idol! (as usual, i sound like a stalker. don't worry, i'm not. and i like guys. so there.)

i googled ''audrey hepburn'' after watching my fair lady and was shocked to see her describing herself as plain. gosh! all girls have issues, man.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009


had a cup of espresso to jolt myself awake yesterday.
it made my face twitch nonstop for a few hours + my jaw tingled + kept having to get up and walk around the apartment = bad idea.

this is not the best month. everybody is so keyed up.
but misery is only temporary ^^

i know people think it's weird that i like to jog in the football fields behind our campus.
in fact, they think it's weird that i exercise during exams, period.
but it's really peaceful on the fields.. relaxing..
plus it's not like i work out so intensely i exhaust myself--
a 20-minute jog isn't gonna topple me.
one can only punch numbers in calculators for so long.

i effing HATE it when stab their calculators hard during exams, as if they can whip the calculator into magically producing correct numbers.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009


no. of times dreamed of returning home: gazillion

last night was a bit different-- i dreamed nobody choi me as i was so fat they couldn't recognize me.

and i dreamed i caught a petite chinese lady assassin who tried to finish me off when she realized i knew it was her who chopped off another lady's leg.


thought of another new activity i tried here--

skiing: once

no. of times fell face down: 1

no. of times fell on ass: endless

no. of times whizzed gracefully down slope (like in movies): 0

no. of people i smashed into: 2

no. of trees i crashed into: 1

i DESPISE skiing. i know it makes me sound un-sporty and not fun but i truly do hate it.


now keen to try rogaining but none of my friends are into it!

now at the mercy of mitch, who'll hopefully pair me up with a non-zealous jogger.
just wanna try rogaining, not compete.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

home ii

rationally, i understand that these are my glory years. my parents are sponsoring me to have fun in a foreign country. it'll all be over all too soon. the last thing i should be doing is to miss home. i should spend january sweltering in melbourne and bitching about the heat.

what surprised me was how much i missed home. i couldn't focus at work yesterday because
1. i could hardly breathe in the still muggy heat, and
2. i missed home.

now that the flight tic home has been booked, i feel calmer, something to look forward to. admittedly i'm still a bit worried about fighting with my parents [it's inevitable, like death] but hopefully it won't be too bad. and the rumor mills in msia working overtime, churning gossip about somebody in aus. seriously, people, you don't have anything better to do? news even reached friends in china. hopefully the dust will have settled in jan.

but what irks me is how i have nothing to show for my year in australia.

australian friends: few but not close

other international friends: few but not close

spunky surfers met: 0

non-spunky surfers met: 0 [the lack of surfers is getting to me]

aussie accent rating: 1 out of 10 [pushing it]

american accent rating: 4 out of 10 [may as well remain in msia and self-educate with gossip girl]

china/taiwanese accent: 9 out of 10 [may as well go to china]

camps attended: 0 [i know i should, but i don't really thrive in the wild and it was effing cold!]

weight gained: a lot [i don't know why but everybody is obsessed with my weight. they keep pestering me to reveal my weight to them. why? why does it matter to them?!]

states visited: perth, gold coast, sydney [surprisingly, most aussies have never been to other states]

no. of conversations i struck up: 0

this list is getting depressing, especially the last one. i was just itching to talk to michael last wednesday but i just couldn't! and i don't even like him! i just find him intriguing as he's taking criminology. what's wrong with me?!

here's to the last few months. allons-y!