Tuesday, 10 November 2009


last night was good =)

it was effing hot, so unbearably hot that i begged for car rides to coles to pick up a cooler.

forced tj and sonak to accompany me.

coles eden rise didn't stock coolers, and daniel said they don't help much anyway, so we gave up and returned home.

on the 5 minute car trip home, it was somehow decided that we would go to glen for supper. so we returned to res to drop off our yogurt and ice-cream. as i was forcing our ice-cream into sue's freezer, which was already packed to the max with ice-cream ('it was on promo!'), hd expressed interest in joining.

so off we went




arms and legs everywhere in the car

'the colossal' from pancake parlour

after supper at glen, we drove home. and on the way home, we saw a sign to mornington peninsula, where the beaches are.

'do you guys wanna go to the beach?' daniel asked. (i swear, this dude is so.. indescribable).

'yeah!' hd. ironically, he was the most tense when we first went out, guilt-ridden by the thoughts of textbooks yet to be memorized.

the next thing i knew, we were driving on pitch black lanes (scary) and swerving to miss rabbits.

we reached the beach at 1am, and i was surprised at how many seagulls there were. they looked like they were swimming in the sky.. moving in slow-mo. i can't describe it, guess it's one of those things you have to see for yourself.

the pier

s, dan & tj

after walking around and trying to stay low so as to avoid being bashed up by tipsy angs we drove back.. to a hill in berwick to check out the view. all the glittering lights reminded me of home. why do lights glitter? i'm fairly certain the lights are switched on consistently but from afar they always glitter.

'twas a spontaneous night. very random, very me. as hd puts it, 'now i know how you felt when you suddenly packed and flew to perth.' yeah, man-- fabulous.

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